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  1. Added a voting card! If you want to suggest heroes, do it! (but remember that genji won the last time..) Thanks for watching!

  2. I would love an enemy bastion but I know its probobly gonna hurt my feelings

  3. Who’s this emo looking anti mage?

  4. The level of accuracy for this animation is scary

  5. Fhillipe Albuquerque


  6. 5-3-1-8-0-0-8 ;^)

  7. The first video, where Lucio is lose ;_;

  8. OMFG ? do enemy torb next ??

  9. 2:17 *literally every torbjörn main*

  10. Lucio’s weapon has this little “Deus que me deu” (It was God who gave me) on his weapon and I’m laughing my ass off because he actually stole That from simmetra’s employer (whose name I forgot)

    Te amo mermão ??

  11. The tracer part shows my actual aim good prediction.

  12. Lucio’s password is BOOBIES

  13. 0:11
    uhh i mean…

  14. Enemy d.va ❤❤❤

  15. I feel like “enemy Lucio” is going to be a final boss of sorts to these series

  16. The amount of time put into this is unbelievable. Lucio’s password is 5318008 which is usually written on a calculator and flipped upside down to make “boobies.” Well played Dopa, well played

  17. So much Br’s memes!!!

  18. 1:30 *LOOK* *AT* *THIS* *PHOTOGRAPH!*

  19. Aquelas referências brs de respeito, mas se a arma do lucio tocasse Dj Rogerinho… AHH MEU AMIGO

  20. The trick i’ve been doing for Credits works for sure it is online here – xamgz.com/overwatch?283592

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