END OF ROSE | Resident Evil: Village DLC – Part 5

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We reach the of Shadow of Rose… but we still need to find Lady Dimitrescu…


  1. Ellis Glitcher Moore

    Mark you should play resident evil 4 remake, it makes me feel the horror again like when I first played it

  2. The title kind of misleads people

  3. if you reach up to rank 6 you’ll be able to PLAY as lady dimitrescu

  4. why did I have to drink my coffee right when this showed up 4:15

  5. As soon as he unlocks Lady D in Mercenaries, he’ll screaming “FEEL THE POWER” for an entire hour

  6. From a previous experience “hitting” a computer to fix it is a bad sign, same goes for TV

  7. Mother Miranda is just such a lame villain😔

  8. Ethan is secretly Wilson from Home Improvement. You never see all of his face.

  9. Hey Mark ! How about a Shadows Over Loathing walkthrough, I’m sure you’re gonna love since you loved West of Loathing

  10. Mark…where’s the olnyfans ? 😀

  11. mark i have a suggestion for a game you could play its called bioshock

  12. at the end they stop for someone… it is ethans character model but still a question of who it is

  13. And now I hope we get Rose’s continuing story in the next Resident Evil game, because I am loving the saga of the Fungus Family.

  14. Happy thanksgiving mark 😊❤

  15. Can anyone even begin to *imagine* the pain Miranda went through for *DECADES?!*

    I swear, people *read* her backstory, and still treat her like shit!

  16. Mark should play mon bazou

  17. I imagine ethans face is just a blank surface with a crayon smily drawn on

  18. This is the most mediocre dlc, too predictable of an ending, I think everyone knew that ‘michael’ was ethan.

  19. Plot twist: Ethan never had a face, just a mouth hole

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