Electronic Arts ‘Disappointed’ By 7.3 Million Battlefield V Sales

In the latest installment of “AAA Videogames Are Broken,” Electronic Arts shares plummeted after a “disappointing” 7.3 Battlefield V sales. Yes, that’s right, BFV sold 7.3 million copies and it wasn’t enough.

EA blamed marketing for both BFV and Titanfall 2, but let’s be real here. The problem isn’t marketing. It isn’t positioning. It isn’t even controversy. It’s the system itself. A chaotic, horribly skewed system.

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Source: https://hexus.net/gaming/news/industry/127241-ea-disappointed-73-million-battlefield-v-sales/


  1. To be fair, is there a single thing EA isn’t disappointed with?

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It’s only fair to make EA feel “disappointed” as they’ve done the same with their fans.

  3. They’re blaming BFV’s underwhelming sales on the single player. Typical EA being out of touch as usual

  4. Not dissapointed and completely expected. Unicronic Arts swallows yet more crow.

  5. *BFV sells 7.3 million copies*

    EA: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  6. Imagine only having video games as your main cash flow

    This comment was made by Tencent gang

  7. For reference, assuming every single one of those copies was sold for only $60, no special editions are microtransactions or DLC sold, this means EA is disappointed by $438,000,000.

    And again, that’s not factoring in microtransactions and special editions

  8. The fact Battlefield V even sold that high of an amount is ‘disappointing’ to me

  9. To be honest, we are all disappointed by that number. Because it makes us lose all hope in consumers. That is just way too many sales for a game as mediocre as that.

  10. Dear Andrew: “when the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, *_you will realise you cannot eat money.”_*

  11. 7.3 million sold is to much for them imo

  12. In other news: *EA just announced that they are expecting Anthem to sell 6 million copies in 6 weeks* I am not joking. Look it up

  13. EA might be disappointed in EA but at least Disney is proud!

  14. The execs are “disappointed” they can only buy 1 yacht instead of 2 this year, lol…

  15. I’m actually am a Game developer and think I speak for all Indie Developers that we be through the roof of amazment that a game created was that succesful.

  16. so the soldiers in the game will have to wear advertisements on their uniforms soon

  17. I’m disappointed 7.3 million people bought an EA product.

  18. **sells 7.3 million units instead of 8.3 million**

    EA: “Wait. That’s illegal”

  19. Blames singleplayer meanwhile rd2 made a shit ton and was singleplayer.

  20. The Therapist Gamer

    How a gaming exec/investor thinks: “If we invested $50 million into a game and made $200 million, then we can invest $500 million and make $2 billion!” The video game market just doesn’t scale like that (at least not for most games). Then they try to convince us that WE’RE the ones asking for more expensive games. The obsession with short term gains over long term sustainability will ruin these companies at some point. It’s simply impossible to always make more than you did last year.

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