ELEAGUE – Elite Plays: Flusha Ace

Richard Lewis remembers the finest moments from ELEAGUE Season 1. This time, he analyzes flusha’s crazy ace against Dignitas during the regular season.


  1. GodFlusha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. use 60fps

  3. mouse lift??

  4. Flusha with the toggle ?

  5. Oh god what fps is that? 24? What are we, console players? It’s 2016, not
    2006. Cmon ELEAGUE you can do better than that. Great video ruined by
    choppy footage :(

  6. tbh. its more of a mistake from cajunb and to a slighter degree also the
    guy on goose, so lets start: Who threw the aggrosmoke on short ? From the
    position it lays i anticipate that flusha threw it as a part of his plan,
    however, if i am cajunb and im in doublezoom (which i would not be, exactly
    because of the jump flusha did… point 1) thn the first thing i call out
    is that the enemies CAN jump down to ct, further NOBODY will push the
    aggrosmoke on the right side were cajun was zoomed in WITHOUT flashes
    (talking about a gunround in this case) Point 2: i REALLY dont know why the
    gooseplayer proceeds to go aggro and jump down to ct, probably just a
    rotation, but he should not move at all, if you play a 3-1-1 setup thn the
    gooseplayer stays on goose, or dont go there in the first place, this
    tactic is weak to mid-to-b splits anyway, someone else needs to check mid
    when you have this setup… Now if cajun called what he had to call, thn
    the gooseplayer quickly checks elevator as he jumps down, there is no
    excuse for not doing that even if cajun does not call – you simply quickly
    check elevator, you just do it there are no downsites to this, also because
    you can see where cajun stands AND you see the aggrosmoke on short,
    something should make a click in your head, am i right? Now back to cajun:
    his job after the nade is to go to slope and zoom in on a passive angle,
    thn go back to ramp and look for info on the right side of the smoke,
    switching between those 2 moves , thats all he could do. Now there could be
    the possibility that cajun plays at car, in that case he either looks on
    the short-baskets or he chooses to look on a passive angle on elevator, in
    both cases he calls the “they can jump down to ct”-call, which he probably

    Now i am aware of the fact that its easy for me to say all those things
    from a spectators point of view, but i am really impressed that cajun did
    not call out what he had to call, this shit normally only happens when the
    team is already massively losing and everyone is on tilt-mode, but it
    should not happen on pro-level.

  7. I like games that reward Skill.
    I also liked how he opened up the B-Bombsite the next round with the
    Airstrike he got of the Ace. Too bad he didn’t quite get the Nuclear, the
    Chopper and the AC-130 stole all the kills. :/

  8. I think this is my favorite play of the year. Coldzera’s jumping awp 4k
    comes to mind, but that’s mostly just abusing csgo’s jumping accuracy
    rather than making a calculated play.

  9. All this really needs is 60fps, 10/11.

  10. Great vid guys! RL lookin sexy af…

  11. TheRA1DER - TheSkillClinic

    amazing stuff!

  12. 24fps video? Get your shit together ELEAGUE.

  13. Is it just me or does Richard look weird

  14. Never saw this play, insane by flusha :D

  15. lol the grenade explodes way before his feet hit the ground making the
    noise richard but I get it.

  16. Can’t wait until this guy gets caught cheating. There are numerous videos
    out there where he autolocks onto players that are in a different part of
    the map. “He’s just lifting his mouse bro!” Yeah, you’re a moron if you
    believe that nonsense. The chances of his crosshair just magically placing
    itself on someone’s head by accident is very slim. I could see it happening
    once, but it has happened multiple times.

  17. Bardolph makes it look like a normal play. Zero fucking hype.

  18. You guys want 60fps video in slow-mo ? Are you fucking kidding me ?

  19. When does season 2 starts I keep hearing Sept. 9 but then I hear October?!

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