Earth’s Grindiest Heroes (The Jimquisition)

On today’s Jimquisition, look at the latest nonsense from the world of live services, as Marvel’s Avengers is set to be more of a grind for reason.

On top of that, we’ve got a discussion on The Sinking City and legal issues surrounding both developer and publisher.

What a great video!


  1. Sounds like a great tagline for the next Tony Hawk game!

  2. Andrevus Whitetail

    Now now Steph, we also complained when they nerfed Solid Snake’s ASS in Super Smash Bros, so we don’t just complain about female assets getting nerfed.

  3. RYSE REGIONAL CHAMP, and don’t you let anyone forget it homie.

  4. Nobody:
    The Penguins: *C U M*

  5. one underrated thing about the devs of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, is that for every update that patched out an easy way to get money, a dev would sneak in another way to get easy money, at least for a while anyways. Used to be you could just travel up and down the Aegean fucking every ship in half for huge moneys, after that it was selling bows, etc.,

  6. Anyone want to see Jim Stephenie, cosplay Ursula and sing “Poor Unfortunate souls”, come one how much am I going to have to pay to make this happen?

  7. “We want players to feel a sense of grind and accomplishment,”

  8. Developer: Leveling up a character is confusing and frustrating.

    Bootlicker: Is this because the game is poorly-designed? No, it must be because we’re not paying them enough.

  9. Jesus imagine believing the garbage companies state to justify their actions.

  10. “Oh hey, you don’t like how boring our game is?
    Well strap on your lederhosen gets, we are about to make it worse.”
    There has to be some sort of reward for “best ideas to kill a game”

  11. Let’s be honest, the real reason they’re lowering exp in Marvel Avengers is just so they can sell exp cards for $$ later on.

  12. I for one welcome jim Stephanie’s Stirling’s choice to freely buff and nerf their chest as they see fit to meet the current META.

  13. “PATCH NOTES: A situation has been identified where players were enjoying our game. This was unintended and has been rectified.”

  14. There will come a day when the “Round the Twist” theme song will no longer make me jam out and flail my limbs enthusiastically. This is not that day.

  15. these advert skits are honestly great, they add a refreshing bit of surrealist horny humour to break up the increasingly depressing regularity of game industry bullshit

  16. howtoshotjuggalos

    That hat/wig combo is litterally the best thing JS has worn on their head since forever.


  17. The funniest thing about the Lola thing is… people keep comparing her new design to fanart. She never had much boobs to begin with in the actual movie.

  18. holy shit round the twist

  19. StraightShooterGaming

    They say: “Live Service”

    I hear: “Don’t buy our game.”

  20. Avengers developers: Levelling up is too confusing
    Also Avengers developers: We need about 12 different in game currencies

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