EA Tried Putting Intrusive Adverts Into UFC 4 Because It’s Pure Slime

Electronic Arts has done what Electronic Arts does best – take gross liberties and subsequently pretend it’s sorry. yet another corporate backtrack, EA has had to remove ads from UFC 4 after smuggling them in post-launch.

UFC 4, which costs a basic shell price of $59.99, is a corporate product that felt the need to bombard players commercials for Amazon’s The Boys. It’s worth repeating that this is not a free game, nor has it ever been billed as ad-supported.

No, EA just wanted money. And it doesn’t respect you. In fact, it thinks you’re stupid that you’ll believe EA every time it does something for money and then issues a boiler plate apology after absconding with a bucket of cash.

Source: https://kotaku.com/ea-adds-then-quickly-removes-ads-from-ufc-4-after-fans-1844972589


  1. It’s EA – it’s a given at this point.


  3. At this point the industry seems to be having a “scum-off”…

  4. EA Sports: Ads in the game.

  5. I remember when the billboards in EA’s Burnout Paradise started having real ads on them.

  6. EA Games: Everything except the game is in the game

  7. I feel so sorry for the Artists at EA who do a great job, only to have it covered in ads.

    And also in an EA game.

  8. “We regret that our blatant cash grab business practices offended customers. We’ll remove these advertisements due to the backlash. We promise to try other scummy tactics next time.”
    – Electronic Arts

  9. EA is upset that Jim Sterling is giving Ubisoft so much attention.

  10. Sports and Sports Games are just big ads to begin with. Change my Mind.

  11. I won’t lie, I feel like at this point, Rockstar is going to try to put real advertisments in the next GTA radio, in the name of realism, as opposed to its traditional parody ads.

  12. Wow, the animations look so bad. There’s no sense of impact. It’s a shame when the 3D models themselves look great.

  13. Gotta love the fact they “Disabled” them. Not going to REMOVE them, Nup.
    Gotta push the goal lines further and further… you get away with so much if you do.

  14. Mass Effect: Andromeda was the last EA game I will ever spend more than $5 on.

  15. 7:21 – How did Justin _not_ put in a Spongebob clip here?
    “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!”

  16. Can’t wait for the washing machine and drive thru speaker memes for the Series S

  17. How ironic them putting a The Boys ad considering that series is so anti-corpo

  18. I imagine the conversation going something like this: “Let dump more ads in the full priced games. I think they forgot about last year and if they didn’t forget… well we turn them off and give a generic apology. Worst case scenario, theres always next year….”

  19. Their slogan says it all. “EA It’s in the game” including ads and exploitative micro transactions

  20. The real “buyer beware” warning is that what you’re buying is an EA product to begin with.

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