EA SPORTS UFC 2 | Official Gameplay Trailer | Xbox One, PS4

Pre-Order: http://o.ea.com/51137
New Features: http://o.ea.com/51140

EA SPORTS™ ® 2 innovates with stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new Knockout Physics System and authentic gameplay features, and invites all fighters to step back into the Octagon™ to experience the thrill of finishing the fight. From the walkout to the knockout, delivers a deep, authentic, and exciting experience.

Available March 15, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One


  1. Whaaaaat Bas Rutten!!!!!!!!

  2. Why don’t you make a new fight night

  3. Still dont understand the submission controls

  4. Kamari Bass lines


  5. Where is Sage Northcutt tho?

  6. Pedro Luis Ramos Martinez

    And CM PUNK?
    Where is CM PUNK?

  7. who going to be mystery fighter? what are the chances it being randy

  8. cant wait to get this when it comes out ?

  9. weak shit

  10. damn I’m kinda shocked they added bobby green. good shit tho! pretty exited
    for this.


  12. The Notorious

  13. Looks identical to the last one. I picked Ea Sports UFC up on day one but I
    won’t be getting this one early. I’ll wait six months and pick it up for

  14. they need to make fight night again. the fight night games felt a lot
    smoother and tbh that last ufc game was a pile of shit.

  15. wow this looks horrible… THQ wouldve done so much better…gameplay wise.
    EA making the game looks so robotic and generic looking.. ugh. Too bad EA
    the only company signed for UFC most updated game, owell

  16. Kermit The Frog Yo

    where’s cm punk?

  17. UFC 2 will be available in… 15 FPS. Fucking dickheads.

  18. Adrian Kolowrocki


  19. If CM Punk is in the game, GSP better be

  20. PC version???? come on EA…


  22. hell yeah them physics be looking right no more canned ko animations

  23. who’s the bald headed guy that bas rutten kicks is that fedor?

  24. I miss Fight Night, EA


    Imagine if it turns out exactly like EA Sports UFC 1….. That is very
    bound to happen guarantee that….. What else would you expect from EA,
    just look at their FIFAs….. You seriously thought that they would make a
    remastered version of UFC Undisputed 3 ????? They should go learn from 2K
    or THQ how to make a proper fighting video game.

  26. Will 100% be covering this on my channel!

  27. anybody else wondering why CM Punk is in the game?

  28. Sage Northcutt anybody if their is one young blood I want to see its the
    prodigy himself!!!! Cant wait over 250 fighters on the roster hope he is
    one of them

  29. The knockout animations look so legit. There bodies really flow like real
    life , impressed with ea sports this time .

  30. NAHHHH They did Aldo dirty ??? Conor da ?

  31. Dear lord please let the controls be like EA sports MMA

  32. Heel Homer Simpson

    1:28 I think the mystery fighter is CM Punk.

  33. shits basura

  34. Dan Gamer (DanLikesGaming)

    I was mildly interested until I realised it was an EA game. I’ll pass.

  35. I’m waiting for fight night manee

  36. song name?

  37. Let’s add IP MAN!

  38. Um PC please.

  39. So this is where the good character models go while nba live looks like
    last gen.

  40. Can you still beat the shit out of the guy up to the last second…. and
    then he KO’s you? Love that….

  41. lol awww man the Rhonda knock out in the trailer lol

  42. Definitely getting this and definitely playing Connor

  43. I love UFC to death but the current game is so BS online man, all people do
    is leg kicks and block transitions for days…also what are the ratings
    about? Overrated stats on every fighter lol JDS has a 100 rated right hand
    lmao i hope to god they’ve put more of the personality, fighting style and
    traits in for each fighter in UFC 2 cause if i ever get submitted by Brock
    fucking Lesnar there’ll be hell on.

    P.S give Arlovski a deserved upgrade.

  44. give me one reason why i should buy this game


  46. I’ve never been so hyped for a EA game

  47. I’d lawsuit easports if I was max Holloway..!! defamation of character

  48. HEEEY!!! What about slam knockouts and injury TKOs???

  49. I hope they have the up and comers like Doo Ho Choi, Makwan Amirkhani, Tom
    Breese, Mirsad Beketic, Yair Rodriguez.


  51. Wow cool game.. like real..

  52. Hopefully Urijah Hall Sergio Pettis & Sage Northcutt are in the game

  53. Hate this game the stamina bullshit kills the game.

  54. This better be as good as it look s because the first one was shit

  55. Video games have come along way since space invaders and asteroids. Oh and
    pong haha

  56. Lol, they had holy holm kick the shit out of Rhonda in the trailer.

  57. Самрат Аргимбеков

    bad graphic

  58. release date is a couple days before the rumored jones vs cormier 2 so….
    expect some quick new dlcs

  59. The mystery fighter is gonna be Chuck Norris or JCVD. Bet.

  60. who’s the guy bas rutten kicks at 1.07. he doesn’t have reebock gear. his
    shorts are all black.

  61. *waits for CM Punk Game play*

  62. did I see bas rutten in that trailer?

  63. It looks no different to the last game

  64. this looks nastyyy

  65. why can’t they release this on ps3

  66. Cool

  67. What is the name of the song?

    YOU FEEL ME!!!

  69. If this will be avaible for PC I would buy it 100 percent.

  70. bas rutten!!!!

  71. mystery character is steven seagal, or wesly snipes or joe rogan…..

  72. Can’t wait for this game! Conor #1

  73. The stand up game looks exactly the fucking same

  74. Where’s Fight Night Round 5?

  75. idk maybe, I don’t trust EA anymore. If it was UFC 2k definitely I would or
    will buy. It does looks good though.

  76. Vladislav Zinchenko

    My biggest gripe with the first one was the randomness. Please no more
    random KOs from a 0 stamina fighter. The rest of the game was really good.
    It doesn’t seem like much changed so it’s probably a buy.

  77. Just got a ps4 3 months ago and ea sports ufc 1 last week and ea ufc 2
    comes out what a waste of $15

  78. Really hate that stupid cartwheel kick, nobody throws a cartwheel kick
    consistently. And that Jose Aldo/Pettis cage lunge punch shouldn’t be in
    the game. Really think EA is clueless when it comes to MMA. Wish THQ didn’t
    go bankrupted tbh. Can’t wait to see the complex ground game again WOO GO
    EA YOU GUYS ROCK -_- if you guys like a sluggish MMA game, this is for you!
    I bet they didn’t add more game modes either. Nope no title defense mode or
    title mode. The career will probably be short again like last time, and the
    feints will be worthless again yay!

  79. When is the release date??

  80. João Marcelo Alves Gomes#11

    Where is JOHN CENAAA?!?!?!

  81. Just make the career mode better, i finished it in 2 days…

  82. 0:51 Bullshit! Silva doesn’t bleed


  84. Whats music

  85. Why… Just make another Fight Night champion EA.. ffs

  86. That’s not a gameplay trailer – – …..

  87. upgrade a Mike tyson in game

  88. Just watch Matt Serra or CM Punk be the mystery fighter

  89. Take your pre order shit and shove it up your ass EA!

  90. Plz say propas propas propas. May John cena be with you

  91. i hope i can play with gadelha karate hottie and Barboza

  92. i hope i can play with gadelha karate hottie and Barboza


    I love this shit!!!! UFC 4LIFE!!!

  94. 13 seconds into the first gameplay trailer and new ufc featherweight

  95. Cm Punk 1:33

  96. Kazushi Sakuraba!!!!!!!!

  97. 0:51 Sakuraba!?

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