EA Proposes Unfair Matchmaking To Raise ‘Player Engagement’ & Monetization

Activision’s not the only company set to innovatively exploit its player base going forward.

EA’s love of dynamic difficulty and plans for “unfair” PvP matchmaking sheds yet more light on what the “AAA” industry has planned for us.


  1. I was going to rant about how that system will only make revenue for a short while before it destroys the game’s community in the long run-until I realized that may very well be their hope. You know, so they can sell the sequel for 60 dollars. Plus expansions, DLC, MTX’s, and the season pass. And “insert range of alchemical metals here” editions.
    Per Sequel.

    Also, if crushing losses increase churn risk, how do you “guarantee” the winner of an even match? Secretly give enormous buffs to the destined winner? Order the AI on the doomed side to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

  2. press start to win the game

  3. Instead of focusing on making money they should focus on making good game then players would be more inclined to spend money on the game they enjoy!

  4. What’s next? Paying 60$ for a game, 40$ for DLC and then 2 or 3 bucks per connection?

    Jesus pissing Christ, this is why I barely touch multiplayer games.

  5. It’s not YongYea. It’s Yong YEAH YEAHHHHH YEAHH YYYEAAAAAAH Everybody’s thinking about m- god dammit, it happened again.

  6. Ha, I have noticed that Jim was following Yong lately. Good thing that he cleared that up in this video.

  7. If only life automatically got easier every time you got sick of all the bullshit and just wanted to jump off a bridge. I’d buy more DLC for that.

  8. I guess it’s time to stop buying anything put out by EA. You want change? Hit them in the pocket book. Naturally, I doubt the average gamer will make this decision, as they are too stupid to understand what is going on.

  9. Heard about this earlier today, not a surprise.
    It almost seems like Activision and EA are trying to see who can out do each other as scummier company.
    The thing that concerns me though is that this shit has been going on for years. As soon as the whole “Games as service” term started kicking around people should have spoken up.
    I’ve boycotted EA since 2012. Haven’t bought or played any of their games since then.
    What about the whole Mass Effect 3 DLC on origin costing more then the trilogy?
    Literally one thing after another with these companies and still people eat this pile of shit with a smile and then ask for more.

  10. New gambling regulations need to address a lot more than just lootboxes.
    New digital privacy regulations will need to protect gamers from an excess of psychological profiling.

  11. Why are we under constant assault with a barrage of manipulation these days? I mean really, can we have the sanctity of taking a dump without having someone, somewhere, try and manipulate us into using another few pulls of toilet paper?

    This isn’t just a problem in video games. Marketing barrage is EVERYWHERE anymore.

    Fuck consumerism, and fuck capitalism in the ass.

  12. Trump's IllegitimateSon

    Meanwhile I’m still here playing the Witcher 3… as the rest of the industry drowns in its own shit

  13. Listen up publishers. Here is how to retain players in your games : Make a good, fair fucking competetive game. That’s it. Do I patent that ?

  14. The only winning move is not to play. -WarGames

  15. I’d rather loss 100 fair matches in a row than get handed false victories. Fuck that matchmaking system. Let alone the OBVIOUS way this is going to be used to push pay to win microtransactions.

  16. So western AAA development has become so unsustainable that these companies are now resorting to predatory psychological manipulation in order to keep people 2-3% more interested in their video games ?

    It reeks of desperation. They’re just pulling tactics straight from the mobile space.

    I’ve played enough Clash Royale to know that player frustration is a core part of the monetization loop. Only difference is that I didn’t pay a £60 entrance fee.

  17. In The Mind of Kibara

    How many more bullshit will EA shit?

  18. I’ve had some emails asking “Isn’t this just ranked matchmaking?” EOMM is dynamic and uses algorithms to fluctuate the skill levels of your opponents. That’s not ranked matchmaking.

    “But if you fail a load of matches you get dropped a rank.” Right, but that’s a different process than a game working out the probability of your success and fixing the odds according to how “engaged” the results will make you.

    EOMM tries to fix the odds of wins and losses, cultivating the perfect win/loss ratio to maximize each player’s engagement. That’s a far cry from ranked matchmaking, which is still (as far as we know) designed largely to keep players of the same skill level together.

    The very *point* of EA’s case for EOMM is that it *isn’t* a fair ranked system. They argue a fair ranked system is detrimental to “player engagement” while EOMM isn’t.

  19. This is fine. I’ll just keep playing my “weeb” Japanese games that aren’t crammed with all this bullshit and wait for the American capitalists to die. No big.

  20. Me: I can’t believe EA would do this to us, they are ruining games.
    Activision: I can’t believe EA would do this to us, they are publicly publishing our shitty business practice which we secretly use.

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