E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy achievements hunting

For achievement hunter Monday we’re writing about the difficult cyberpunk game E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy achievements.

Holy GrailFind the space pirates’ treasure.

MafiaExtort brouzoufs to Klaus the looter chief.
In ‘Wurster Corp’ you’ll get a mission to kill a looter chief. If you talk to him instead you can extort money in exchange for not killing him. Take the money for the Mafia achievement, then backstab him if you want to complete the mission.

PsychologistUrge Tobi the coward to commit suicide by talking to him.
When you reach the map ‘Forgotten Center’ you will find Tobi on a catwalk next to a laser beam. Talk to him with these responses:
3. I’m listening, but it fast!
1. What’s wrong?
1. Come on, feel free to tell me!
1. Why do you do drugs? what are you running from?
1. You just have to change your life.
2. I’d kill myself if I were you.
He will then walk into the laser to kill himself and give you the Psychologist achievement.

Scrappy Boby – Induce a fight with a bartender by talking to him.
Find the bartender in the ‘Electric Sheep’ level. He’s in a bar around the corner from the starting area. Be mean to him until he turns hostile for the Scrappy Boby achievement.

NegotiatorManage to have a deal with Gyo the pirate on Mars.
Travel up the hill in front of Secreta Outpost and then across the bridge even higher to meet Gyo. Be mean towards him, then tell him the Feds are coming to trap them and you will help them by using the Comms to unlock the Negotiator achievement.

DetectiveDiscover the dead Jian’s murderer.
The dead Jian is in the massive chamber with the Artifact in Noctis Labyrinthus. Then it seems to be a random kill. The Detective achievement used to be broken but the rumor is it has been fixed, just extremely rare. This one I have yet to get.

Doctor HydeKill 1 player in the same team with the Medkit.
Start a coop game with someone, and sure Firendly Fire is enabled. Keep using your medkit on another human player, without letting it recharge. That will cause him to ‘overdose’ on meds, and will actually hurt him instead of healing. Keep going until the other player dies for the Doctor Hyde achievement.

RevelationMeet the Ancient.
On the Mars level your Mentor will give you a choice. Side with him and you’ll be sent to a looter hideout to meet the ancient Akmal.

JudgeInvestigate and find who stole Vincent’s rifle
On the same level as the Revelation achievement above, follow the cart that travels on the blue light to find and talk to Vincent. He wants you to talk to three other nearby npcs to figure out who stole his rifle.

Change of mindJoin the federal forces.
In the Mars mission ‘Noctis’, when you find the Federal Camp, hack into the 1st building on the right and talk to the Federal Agent. If you agree to his deal and he believes you, you’ll get the Change of mind achievement.

Substitution GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
This is from one of the three ways to finish the game. It can be obtained by joining the Federals on the Mars level by completing the Change of mind achievement above. You’ll be immediately sent to another location where you must convince multiple messengers of Secreta that you and a turncoat named Cyrus are not actually traitors. You can choose to kill them, or to assist Cyrus doing the hacking job. Afterwards, you will be given an extraction point where a looter, Balthazar, will be waiting for you. Play along with his odd stories to get interesting information and finally the Substitution Gate power.

Triangular GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
This is from one of the three ways to finish the game. At the end of Chapter 11 ‘Mars’, when you confront your mentor, you can choose to abandon E.Y.E. and follow him into exile. Then you will return to HQ to kill the commander, but your mentor has gone insane and will attack you after you speak to him. After you kill him you will gain the Triangular Gate PSI power.

Hypnotic GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
This is from one of the three ways to finish the game. When you confront your mentor at the end of chapter 11 ‘Mars’ you can choose to slay him and continue your service to the commander, after which you’ll be sent on a mission. At the end of the mission you will return to HQ and meet a Carnophage that teaches you the Hypnotic Gate power.

Dark SecretDiscover Rimanah’s secret.
After getting all three gate spells by beating the game three different ways, go back to your starting cave and enter the new portal. Find and talk to Circe to learn the Dark Secret achievement.

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