Dynasty Warriors 9 – The Worst Dynasty Warriors Game Ever Made (Jimpressions)

is an absolute mistake. The actively ruins the flow of the , the new combat system is a homogenizing step back, and as for what they DID to

Make no mistake about it, this is the Dynasty game of them all, at least as far as mainline entries go.


  1. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    This game is one hell of an identity crisis

    I played at least half a dozen of DW game and that is excluding Orochi and Samurai Warriors and other spin off, my personal favorite is Strike Force, it is just so much fun and surprisingly challenging compared to the usual Warriors game

    I haven’t played DW9 but I’ve watched enough gameplay that I know I won’t look it

  2. Jesus Christ, how did they think this was something we’d want to play? I love me some Dynasty Warriors..but not this

  3. also tecmo koei games are filled to the brim with overly priced trival dlc years after the last edition comes out.


  4. This really looks like a shitty steam wannabe Dynasty Warrior by someone that has seen a Dynasty Warrior game, but never played it.

  5. Last game i played from the series was 5, way back when on the PS2…What the hell happened?! Why did they ruin the combat system?! The hell is this telltale combat choice menu you’re given? 4 attacks?! Bring back the times where there were hidden features about characters, like Zuo Ci in 5. He had this cool ability to summon different types of elemental fireballs based on how long you held down triangle for his charge attack. Cool little details like that. Now we’re given 4 attacks in a telltale menu? D:< Wait, they took all the cool weapons? How can i slap people around with a deck of cards now?!

  6. Wow this looks and feels like a cheap poor knock-off instead of a real DW game. That is sad.

  7. Lmao! And just a few hours ago, the Whatculture Gaming guy made the video calling it the best dynasty warrior game ever.
    He even begane his video with the same line as you, “I’ve olayed every single dynasty warrior game before this one, including the wierd ones” or something along those lines. But the point of his video was the complete opposite. I just find that absolutely hilarious.

  8. Wow… They managed to make the Hulao Gate mission bland and boring, not just visually, but in execution as well. How do you even manage that!?


  10. Yeah I’ve been hating open world games for a while now for this vary reason. It was an unpopular opinion but I felt the same about MGS V. While the actual levels/bases were more interesting it was still wide open spaces with nothing in them between bases. You gained nothing from it being an open world instead of just being a level select. Other than an easily avoiadable patrol of two soldiers in a truck the world between outpost was empty waste land. In no way did I feel MGS V was enhanced by being an open world. Dynasty Warriors 9 just looks like more of the same, except the actual levels are less interesting.

  11. Maybe now’s a good time to make a DW8 gameplay video talking about what that game does right as compared to DW9. I know you already did a general “DW loveletter” video before, but perhaps you could use a PROPER DW cleanser right about now?

  12. Okay, Marvin the Yellow Turban at the end of the video killed me. I am officially dead.

  13. Dynasty Warriors 4 smashes the absolute shit out of this, and they are 15 years apart!

    Dynasty Creed 9: The Phantom Fuck-nuggets

  14. I genuinely do not believe this game exists. Even by Koei standards, this has to be a joke.

    This game isn’t real.

  15. “Just Play Warframe”

    Now applies not only to Destiny 2, but Dynasty Warriors 9 as well!

  16. Instead of DW9 I should just play through DW8XL and pretend its DW9?

  17. Jim, man, I like you and all, but it really sounds like you’re playing the game in the easiest, least-fun way possible, then getting mad that the game is easy and unfun.

  18. Anpu - Let's Plays mit Muh!

    Why does every franchise need to try open world at least once? Not every game is ment to be played in OW or at least make it freaking interesting and get some real gamers to test out the game. I love the DW series and been playing it since the beginning and this is so frustrating. Almost every bigger game that comes out is less and less fun. Maybe I should pick up a new hobby like…. watching gras grow. At least the graphics of the gras looks nice.

  19. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    It looks like Asset Flip Warriors 9

  20. First 15 Minutes Gameplay

    It’s better than a crying anime fan on prom night!

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