DUSK – Sinister Scarecrows, Secret Soap

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We played a DUSK demo many moons ago. Now it’s back in Early Access, and we have scarecrow scores to settle…


  1. I want a jim sterling swimsuit calendar. sterdust would be February

  2. 360p baby, aww yeah

  3. Since iD won’t make a new single player quake this game looks like a good replacement. Will definitely keep an eye on this one

  4. After Cyber Hitler 666 ruined the 100% positive rating on Steam for this game, I REALLY hope he’s the final boss in episode 3 complete with the cyber Reich where everything’s cyber AND satanic!

  5. Jim’s reviewing a game and it isn’t garbage? That’s a thing? 🙂

  6. Wow, you accidentally discovered a secret entrance in the first minute by throwing the explosive… and then did not take that route…

  7. i love quake 1. i wish they kept that aesthetic.

  8. I was watching this in 360p for 15 minutes not realising it wasn’t just the game looking all retro and stuff.

  9. 4:30 Wow, I thought the Cleaver was impressive, but to reduce someone to gibs with _Soap?!_ Dude has one hell of a throwing arm.

  10. Did… Jim just… Review a game that he liked?

    I… Don’t even…

  11. Every time I watch one of Jim’s videos I get insulted right at the start, not sure why I bother coming back to be honest ..

  12. honestly considering the other trash u played as a part of this series, dusk isnt that bad. Actually looks like something id play eventhough it looks kind of oldschool

  13. Threw the book at him…. ~tumbleweeds~ ~crickets~

  14. Doom 2016 made me remember how much I missed games like this.

    I’m sick of shooters asking me to hide in a corner for twenty seconds to regenerate health and plink off one baddie at a time. I wanna run around, dodge projectiles, and blow up evil cultists with an explosive shotgun!

  15. The 2 episodes that have been released are pretty quick to finish, but it’s an awesome game and made by people that clearly love what they do. For those complaining about the visuals, it’s supposed to emulate the Quake 1 look and roll up the 90s FPS experience in one package.

  16. I absolutely know what you meant with old cartoons, Jim. That’s what I was thinking before you even mentioned it. I grew up with the old Looney Tunes cartoons, and they did exactly the same thing. Good times.

  17. We need more of these games with modern optics, like the latest Doom.

  18. Jim is so used to playing shit games that any time he gets to play anything actually competent and fun he goes all out on it. It’s adorable.

  19. 25:17 Can’t tell if it’s Jim panicking, or a voice clip of Skeletor.

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