Dragon Ball FighterZ – Season 3 Trailer – PS4/XB1/PC/SWITCH

True power knows no limits.
The 3rd Season of Dragon Ball FighterZ begins on 26 February!
Play Kefla on 28 February, or get the FighterZ Pass 3 to get 2 days of early access to each character!

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  1. Bootyjuice Jenkins

    I can’t believe they added such an obscure character as Goku in this game. Such an underrated Dragon Ball character.

  2. Everyone: Aw we’re only gonna get 4 characters
    Bandai: S I K E B I T C H Y O U T H O U G H T

  3. Benjamin Sollecito

    So how many invincibility frames does UI Goku have?

    Bandai: Yes

  4. There’s gotta be a dramatic finish where UI Goku does that smooth kamehameha slide to beat Kefla ?

  5. If kefla doesn’t have a special interaction with any of the fusions then it’s a major crime

  6. Didn’t expect to see this on trending lol

    • Colin Jordan Jesuit

    • @Robby.G Another dumbass who’s too hung up on nostalgia.

    • @Tyrese Finney Not just his. I like Dragon Ball in general. But honestly, tbh I think Super sucked even more than GT. From power levels not making sense to sheningans like Master Roshi over Goten or Trunks to hair color and gay transformations like Super Saiyan Rose… to most random unexplanations ever like…. “The universe is now not getting destroyed by fists because now its just a brawl.” (Facepalm) Zamasu: Oooooooooh even I don’t know why I am getting strong. (Facepalm again). Those are not only the most random unexplanations of line in anime but probably entire entertainment history.

    • Mr. Sorry For My Bad English

      @Omar Ahmed like what??

  7. Wallet: “I don’t feel so good…”
    **Wallet dissapears**
    Me: “I used the Wallet to destroy the Wallet.”

  8. Kinda disappointed that there is no TOP stage but…. yay…

  9. 2:22 defeated pose from the tournament now used as victory pose? Not bad

  10. 2K Subscriber Challenge Without Any Video's

    They can’t put Goku in Smash because they accidentally dumped the whole Goku supply into this game

  11. Bandai: we don’t want to add lots of the same characters
    Bandai: and the 7th Goku will be…

  12. After kefla’ reveal all the hype towards UI goku just transferred to her. I’m still happy to see my girl in she about to go CRAZY

  13. Broly: *MORE* KAKAROTS?!

  14. Zamasu: I am Zamasu, most powerful and supreme god.

    Bandai: No, you’re “Mint-Ice cream Goku.” One of the many Gokus in this game.
    You have;
    Lemon Goku
    Blue bada Dee daba Goku
    Abandoned Child Goku
    Daddy Goku of Goku
    Purple body snatcher
    Pistachio Grasshopper Goku
    Fabulous pink Goku
    Goku vegetable Salad
    Goku meat salad
    And… arguably Vegeta.

    Zamasu: But my hair is like a super sayian white…

    Ultra-Instinct Goku:

    Zamasu: I indeed am another Goku…

  15. The other 3 characters to be revealed are gonna be fire emblem characters

  16. The hype is real on this one lol.

  17. Kefla interactions i wanna see:
    Black Goku
    All of the fusions
    Goku GT

  18. So happy they added in my fav character, Goku wasn’t sure he was gonna be put in the game

  19. Imagine Goku UI dodging and blocking automatically

  20. 1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Ultra instinct goku: breaths
    The whole FighterZ roaster: ?

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