Dr Phil hosts Meme Review

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  1. can alexei get 1k subs?

    Petition for keanu reeves to host Meme review :
    The most intense and logical meme review for sure

  2. 2:10
    Cat is underage!

    New Location discovered

  3. Dr Phil did a great job, I was able to legitimately laugh at it

  4. Jake Paul: *exists*

    Dr. Phil: “im bout to end dis mans whole career”

  5. The bright Arsenal Gunner

    Anthony Padilla is gonna Interview the 1in 10 dentists who don’t recommend the toothpaste

  6. Evidence PewDiePie has Dr. Phil locked up in his basement just for fun

  7. Elon Musk:
    I think my dolphin is broken.

    Dr. Phil:
    He’s just living his best life.

  8. Dr. Phil hosts meme review
    “Your video has been claimed by Dr. Phil”

  9. Pewdiepie: claps hands twice
    Dr Phil : claps hands twice

    Me: MEME REVIEW!!!

  10. Can this pen get 10000 Subs without videos?

    Is no one going to talk about how Dr Phil called
    Thomas the tank engine Tommy the train

  11. “Whoever patched this together is definitely going to the ranch”

    Omg I love Dr. Phil even more now

  12. Next Video:
    “Playing Minecraft Hardcore with Shaquille O’Neal”


  14. Dr. Phil : *Teenage girls don’t insult me, we understand each other*

    Teenage girls : *Now that’s an Avengers level threat*

  15. Egg wih 25000 subscribers

    Dr Phil just ended Jake Paul’s career even though he never had one

  16. Egg wih 25000 subscribers

    When you realize Dr Phil has better audio quality than Pewdiepie…

  17. Egg wih 25000 subscribers

    Dr Phil hosts meme review, therefore there is no Minecraft today

    A small price for salvation

  18. Dr Phill: “Who is this guy?”

    Jake Paul: *”Am I a joke you?”*

  19. Keanu Reeves for the Next Meme Review. Please Pewds! ?

  20. 100 pound dog laying on the couch:

    Dr.Phil: I like the way he rolls

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