Doublelift Lucian pentakill – Korean SoloQ

gets a in . Diamond1/Master ranked in this video. Patch is 6.9.


  1. this is how you play lucian…you drive-by the motherfuckers

  2. stixxay woulda done it better

  3. not soloq tho, he played with tsm sightstone :^)

  4. thanks for pointing out Lucian at the start of the video

  5. Good Video but i only one mistake big Noise on sounds from lol !

  6. Decision making in this fight was so crucial…His focus change was

  7. Of course it’s fucking Lucian. All Adc pentas are on Lucian these days.

  8. But did they get the baron??

  9. Doublelift is just NA garbage thats why Yellowstar didnt wanted to support
    him aynmore

  10. Could you give me his,please?

  11. Also kudos to braum for that shield at Ryze play with very little of hp.

  12. Did anyone else brainfart and think that said double pentakill ?

  13. well played sir

  14. that was some korean level target prioritizing

  15. Prapare your Anus

    not bad

  16. I don’t like pentakill anymore i prefer plays/outplays/teamwork/decision
    making, pentakill doesn’t mean anything but u were in the fight

  17. sick position and target selection.

  18. Lucian is so retardly broken. Needs nerfs

  19. im surprised doublelift is still relevant PogChamp

  20. my nigga

  21. My very 1st game I was Katarina and I bought 2 daggers cause i thought she
    was supposed to dual wield.. I was thinking you equip characters like
    diablo.. A weapon a helm, chest armor, boots I had a more experienced
    friend educate me about 25 minutes in.

  22. not sure how this got so much upvotes in reddit, it’s the most basic penta

  23. Intense right clicking

  24. Did he use the Ghostblade Blackcleaver build?

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