Doublelift: ‘I want to absolutely demolish TSM’s legacy and make sure they regret the decision’


  1. Trash talking DL is back baby WOOOOOOO

  2. I’m hype for team liquid in season 8 now ?

  3. I will work harder than anyone else this year and be the best YouTube commentor in North America. This comment can hold me accountable.

  4. thought travis ask him about his flash

  5. Damn I wanted that TSM roster to win everything..

  6. I feel like DL talks Big about wanting to win and working hard, and I can’t see much behind the scenes, but it always seems like a joke to him on stage and when they lose he’s like smiling and laughing like it’s a joke. Like “oh I guess we’re just shit and we lost, oh well”, but that’s such a shitty mentality

  7. I pray Biofrost is still with Doublelift.

  8. Sounds like Doublelift is unaware that many TSM fans will follow him. It’s a new era of NALCS, TL has a sick roster, Doublelift is awesome, and TSM’s decision is bullshit.

  9. The question everyone is forgetting.

    Where is Biofrost?

  10. Best ADC in the NA for six years..? What a delusional wanker.

    Kiting into Orianna shock waves, walking into Power of Evil, not flashing and choking back to back in two consecutive World’s appearances, that’s Doublelift’s legacy.

  11. Best Adc NA?Dude that spot is reserved for Kody Son!!! At list he uses his flash,does not matter how,but he uses it!

  12. I’m a TSM fan always have been. But I do hope DLift bodies TSM, for the betrayal

  13. Do Not Read My Profile Picture


  14. I’m done with TSM after 7 years of failing, so this year i’ll be going with DL and really hope they regret kicking him for no reason. Actually good it went that way so i don’t drop esports

  15. honestly…. the dude that shit the bed for back2back Worlds as a TSM ADC… now is disapointed? And wants to “shit on them”? Hey… how about you show up @ Week 2 during Worlds? Then NAs record would look so much better…

  16. TL are gonna get smashed. Doublelift always talks big and always disappoints big! lol

  17. ….This fucker makes the most excuses ever. Talks the most shit and Never backs it up.
    CLG to TSM, now to Liquid? How many teams are you going to blame for your own short comings

  18. Instantly a Doublelift fan. Anyone who wants to shit on TSM is a hero to me.

  19. I’m a doublelift fan and the team he is on is my team. Horrible decision by tsm.. You don’t replace the star player, faker made a game losing decision but you wont see faker being kicked from skt. TSM will regret this.

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