DoubleLift explains his name and does a magic card trick with SaintVicious ;]

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from explains how he got his nickname, does with . Best part: makes a and facepalms 🙂

This post was originally published on July 31, .


  1. dat phreak pun made the video complete ;D

  2. Phreak steals the show as usual.

  3. Sven Arne Rasmussen

    Phreak you are… a GOD!

  4. If the camera didn’t cut, you’d be able to see him not getting the first card of the deck… You can actually see on 1:06 the card he put in the middle of the deck is the wrong one -.-

  5. Fucking can’t stand Phreak.

  6. holy shit I’ve been doing that trick for ages fucking people over. Just saw this video now. Neat

  7. The sandwich trick. nice.

  8. not a twisted fate player 2/10

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