DOOM – Hurt Me Plenty

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Let’s punch some faces off.


  1. “You funeral of hearts”? Did I hear that right? You are losing your touch,
    Jim. I just come here to be told something dirty, and you are not

  2. Does this have DS3 spoilers?

  3. are there secret doors and rooms?

  4. Wait, was doom-guy locked inside some ancient mystical stone coffin? (and
    his armor apparently)

  5. The Rock Star Gamers

    So what you’re saying about the story is how the player character is coming
    to terms with the fact that although he might be fighting the forces of
    hell, he’s actually becoming a demon himself. You can feel his internal
    struggle from just his actions as he no longer needs words.

    I can see echoes of Martin Luther King Jr, saying that “Human progress is
    neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice
    requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and
    passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Perhaps even Rosa Luxemburg’s
    statement “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
    I believe Doom Marine embodies these words and more as he moves inevitably
    towards madness and corruption.

    Or maybe he’s just an angry dude who likes shooting things in the face.

  6. Personally, I prefer the more claustrophobic, survival horror feel of Doom
    3, but this looks alright too. Though I have to say those melee finishers
    look like they’ll wear their welcome out real quick. I think they’d be a
    bit more memorable had they be achievable only with the berserker power up
    like in Brutal Doom.

  7. I miss the old times where I could buy a geforce 9800 gt and play ANY game
    for years to come, and now people need like 4x GTX 980 ti with water
    faggotry cooler and a power source of 32 gigawatt to play a game with the
    same old mechanics but better graphics and textures. Right now a “gamer” PC
    costs almost the same as a ninja 300 bike.

    – hurr durr man! You can get a good pc for only 3k and the ninja costs 5k!
    your wrong!
    – you’re*

  8. StupidJellyfish

    Not turning off the glory kill highlights, the compass, and the objective
    markers? Come on, man. Be a true Doom fan.

  9. Jesus you’re terrible…

  10. ~Ahem.~ If there’s a spare key going, I’m sure. ~Cough.~ Someone here could
    do something with it. >.>


  11. I fucking hated the Griffins one second I’m farming some meat or leveling
    my vocation and a fucking griffin bomb dives me seeing as I’m a assassin I
    go solo so basicly ment 2 things do I want to fight it to half way up and
    have t flee or ignore it and have it bomb dive me every 30 seconds

  12. The image of Jim chasing after a dog, whos chasing a bus full of children,
    is so funny. :D

  13. Funny, where the game had you is where the game totally lost me. To each
    their own though.

  14. I’m getting Bulletstorm flashbacks YAY!

  15. game feels lot like doom 1 & 2 from olden days but for doom 3 fans :/ not
    much in it

  16. I thought everyone was going to decide they hated this game but was
    surprised to see people being really positive about it. I dont care either
    way, looks like a lot of fun. I’ll probably get it sooner than I expected.

  17. My main problem with the scripted finishers is just that it gets kinda
    repetitive seeing the same animations over and over. I kinda want more
    games to just go for physics based kills.

  18. I’ve always thought of Doom as a mindless fast paced demon massacre. Sure
    you can take it slow and look for secrets, but the game’s movement speed
    and music tempo are all about high speed action. You know what… I am
    going to load up the Doomsday engine and play me some Doom because why not.

  19. So it plays like PainKiller?
    Should have said that from the start!
    It would have save a lot of money!

  20. You missed the first power up you get right back before the first shield
    user guy. It’s the bezerk power up.

  21. RecklessAbandon

    Give your code to Yahtzee! For ye olde Escapist’s sake.

    Or me, I’m no one, but I’ll take it.

  22. Legion12Centurion

    On harder difficulties the chainsaw is essential, its tactical and
    strategical rather than mindless use and no the game is not to easy…
    infact the game is pretty punishing on the three last difficulties. So
    no… I would argue the chainsaw is fundamental to the gameplay philosofy
    of this game… ammo is not common all the time, and small bursts of ammo
    and hp is part of the design. Theres a strategy preserving fuel for it.
    Once you gotten to uppgrade your ammo a bit its not as important but it can
    save you now and then and or be part of some slick combos where you kinda
    double jump, chain saw, shoot an imp while jumping in the air dropping to
    melee some zombie deamons and constantly changing guns, grenades, abilities
    while on the move. Its a big moving pussle if that makes sence when you
    play especially harder up to kinda do the right moves at the right time
    thinking a bit ahead. I found out the hard way that while run and gun is
    core to it, runing and gunning with a brain kinda helps 😛 Its a blast and
    im about 5 or so hours in and the melee doesnt get boring, they are so
    varied and when you do it on bigger enemies its just a joy.

  23. For anyone who thinks the glory kills are overdone, they immediately feel
    much more warranted when you A: turn off the glowing effect and B: play on
    Ultra Violence. Enemies do considerably more damage and health pickups give
    you very little. Having to judge on the fly if an enemy is stunned to glory
    kill without the glow makes it feel more frantic, and you really really
    need the health from it often times, so it feels more satisfying to do.

  24. novidsinthischannel

    This game looks like it took a cue or two from Brutal Doom. And I’m on
    board for that.

  25. how much did sony pay you

  26. No-Stalgia Goggles

    The only thing that doesn’t do it for me is the art design. A lot of the
    color on the monsters is way too subtle and they tend to blend in with the

    Also this just looks really generic; if I weren’t watching a video titled
    ‘Doom’, I could mistake this for Dead Space 4 or another F.E.A.R. game.

  27. I really wanted to like this. Been waiting for a Doom game for a long time
    (my favorite series). This just looks too neon and polish. Doom was never
    bright flashiness for me. It was dark, gore, and weird sounds that made you
    paranoid that you were about to get ambushed by a huge horde or a mini
    boss. Yes killing rooms full of enemies was a huge part (and really fun)
    but it felt like there was a bit of strategy involved. Could you make them
    shoot each other, could you lure them into your own ambush, etc. It was
    also about trying to find secret cashes of guns, health and ammo, while
    being worried you would run out. In this one, every other mob seems to drop
    piles of health. I hope I’m proven wrong, it just doesn’t look like Doom to

  28. ‘Cant get a bead on’.. with a pad with auto aim.. game on.

  29. Now, Jim HAS to play HDoom (and make a video on it).

  30. I think i preferred the more claustrophobic, darker tone of Doom 3 to this,
    it just looks like big open death match areas with enemy hordes… Has
    anyone played through it far enough to tell me if this is the way the whole
    game plays out?

  31. Games just start. More games need to do this thing

  32. ElectricToadProductions

    Everything looks good except for the lava. 0/10 for lava

  33. Darkmoon Blade (HazamaOuroborous)

    The glory kills and the blood splattering everywhere makes me think the
    DOOM devs took inspiration from the features of that Brutal DOOM mod. Which
    is a good thing,

  34. You have a bulldog called Bartlebee? For god’s sake, stick a red trimmed
    bowler hat on him and make him a mascot or something!

  35. Matthew Jenkinson

    I might get this now, I didn’t expect it to look this good considering the
    embargo, I don’t want to play for the multiplayer but it’s been a while
    since I’ve played such a fast-paced singleplayer. One caveat though, being
    able to turn off motion blur completely.

  36. Best ending to a video ever.

  37. Pissed of Jesus Christ Simulator 2016

  38. I had to chase my dog down the street earlier but he was chasing another
    dog triple his size to attack it lets just say my Lhasa Apso was going to
    get fucked up by a German Shepard if my fat ass didnt catch it.

  39. I love how when you die in lava, you give a thumbs-up. Nice little nod to
    the Terminator movies.

  40. It physically hurts me to watch console FPS footage

  41. couple crashes, average performance, fun as hell to play.

  42. give the doom code to me

  43. Is the main fight mechanic, shoot them, then melee, because that sounds

  44. This game looks and plays incredibly silly to me. So much shooting, so much
    mayhem, just a cacophony of stuff crammed into random areas. No soul, no
    meticulous game design, no passion.

    I think trying to create some evolution of the original doom just doesn’t
    make sense today. The original doom was created the way it was because of
    the time period and the technology available. For instance “jumping right
    into the game” was all devs could really do up until the days of Half-Life.
    During the Doom days, the FPS genre was also so new there wasn’t much more
    devs could do than hide keys around and just stick clumps of varying
    enemies together and let the player just have fun trying to blast them away
    with different weapons. Which was bloody awesome, btw. But with today’s
    ridiculous technology, I want more than that.

    Lastly, and I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flack for this opinion, but I
    think Doom 3 was heading more in the right direction. Though not perfect by
    any means, still there was more atmosphere, better scares, harder gameplay,
    and some awesome pacing.

  45. “Hey guys, look, it’s us, Bethesda! Check it out, turns out we actually can
    make a solid fps, who woulda thought?”

    from the background “That’s not what Fallout 4 said last year…..”

  46. Maybe do a Jimquisition on what Homefront got wrong. I think you’ve
    mentioned it in the past

  47. 5 hours in still getting new demons


    5 hours in. loving it. pounding it.

  49. Princess Rainbow Dash

    The movement speed seems a bit fast and I dont think its good how the
    enemies flash blue and red when they are dying makes it seem more like a
    simulation and less gory

  50. Is it me or does every shooter in the past several years/entire decade feel
    like all the textures are hyper-smooth? Like, no rough-bricks, no actual…
    texture. Everything looks like some sort of plastic-y substance, rather
    than rougher metal or skin or anything :|

  51. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    Enjoyed hearing your take on the game Jim and I am soon going to be putting
    in my rented copy from Family Video in the Xbox One and giving it a go. Oh
    and in regards to the review key/code you talked about having and not
    knowing what to do with it well I would usually ask for a giveaway with a
    chance to win it but I say give it to some charity that deals with gaming.

  52. Wow. After Doom 3, I thought all personality was drained from the series.
    But this game is showing me otherwise.

  53. How large are the levels? Are they maze-like? Can you get lost, do you ever
    run out of ammo?

  54. I was really scared this was gonna be shit, my mind is now at ease :D

  55. You just know the game is doing something for you when you exclaim
    ‘aaauuuggghrh’ and then laugh giddily every time one of the enemies is
    chopped down and tossed away from you like a ragdoll. This is pure
    violence, sheer chaos; 100% Doom.

  56. the punch kill animation is incredibly boring..

  57. I’m finding this game to be very fun. Lots of tactical, fast paced
    thinking, in addition to pissgargleweewee shooty shooty bang bang, but
    hell, i like that kind of thing. I’m half interested in the story of the
    UAC facility because SPOILERS the facility director AND his M8 are both AI.
    When the DOOMguy realizes that the guy who’s been saying “it was all for
    progress” is a robot, i think he kinda becomes empathetic to what the robot
    is saying: it doesn’t really have the same moral fiber as a human, so it
    really thinks all the progress and all the hell portal shit was for the
    best, and while DOOMguy disagrees, and feels like that’s BS, he also
    doesn’t really blame the guy for thinking that any more

  58. Hey Jim have you seen the gameplay vid from Polygon going around? Shows
    first 30 minutes of Doom, it’s pretty cringeworthy and has been getting a
    lot of buzz, especially on r/gaming.

  59. Is there anyway to play this on console with a mouse? I want to play it but
    I don’t have a high end pc and having tried the multiplayer beta it really
    feels like you need mouse control.

  60. ThePhoenixrider100

    God love ending the music ending with a shotgun pump. That’s pure badass

  61. So I’m near the end of the game, and I have to say.. This is DOOM. As
    someone who still plays the original games to this day, I’m so happy about
    this. The glory kills never outstayed their welcome, they are so fast and
    don’t disturb the flow of the game, and also reward you with drops for
    doing them which can be essential in higher difficulity levels. The game is
    hard, really hard, and I love it for this. Since the new Wolfenstin I was
    never this full of adrenaline playing a game my entire life.
    Also I get the best fucking chills at 6:15, IT’S SO GOOD.

  62. And then Jim was a zombie.

  63. Anyone else think the new DOOM marine in their armor looks like a cross
    between Master Chief and the new TMNT turtles from the live action movies?

  64. Thanks for your review. I was extremely worried about this title after what
    Doom 3 was. I’ll have to pick this up now.

  65. Mattias “Ghost Marine” Malila

    If i can pay you abit for the prewiev code il be glad to do it =)

  66. Can’t wait to play this, gotta get Uncharted 4 first though

  67. Knights of the Nine

    I HIGHLY recommend tailoring the difficulty to give yourself a challenge.
    Ultra Violent was Dark Souls level of balanced for me.

  68. MSZSNeoBahamut19

    I have to ask… Why type of gaming rig leads a man who has a gaming PC to
    buy Doom, a quintessential PC classic, for a console? Da fuk? No dakka for
    you good sir.

  69. IndustrialBonecraft

    … I’m love?

  70. It feels like game developers forget that games don’t need a story to be
    fun single player experiences. Some games seem to just force in a story,
    force players to not skip it, and ruin the game experience.

  71. Holy shit that death animation at the end in molten steel is a Terminator 2

  72. i actually hate the glory kills. a lot of the time in this video, instead
    of killing monster by shooting them in the face, you just always have to
    run in front of them and press an additional button. they could’ve found a
    different way to do the glory kills. they could’ve maintained the
    satisfaction to mow enemies down with your shotgun while still having those
    melee kills. but they didn’t. i would be very glad if they add a super
    hardcore difficulty mode where glory kills are disabled entirely, because
    they’re actually essential for your survival.

  73. The multiplayer demo/beta was pretty shit, but this looks pretty fun and
    has a sense of humor about itself.

  74. John Bowrey (RealTerminal)

    You know what Doom made me think of?


    Do you remember Prey? bullshit, no one remembers Prey, until they do, and
    they remember it was a fucking awesome game that did a lot of great shit.

  75. I realize that it is weird to say with all the blood, violence, demons and
    weapons, but it looks boring. It’s visceral in every way but seems to lose
    it’s impact very quickly. Once I got over the spectacle I couldn’t really
    see much depth in the game footage. I know it’s ‘Doom’ and you mainly just
    shoot things, but there can be variation and dept to type of game play,
    which I can’t seem to see here. It’s tiring to look at and I’m not sure how
    this will stay interesting for a full campaign.

  76. Clarence Boddicker

    Thanks for your jimpressions Jim

  77. Anyone else planning on playing this game screaming a violent stream of
    profanity at the top of their lungs because 80’s action movies?

  78. watch people come saying “sure the action is good but the story isnt really
    good so ultimately it isnt a good game”. they did the same with the mad max
    movie. apperently good action has to have complex deep characters to be
    considered good.

  79. So, it’s straight to shooting, fast paced, has great graphics and music and
    it has some sick finishing moves.
    Wich means it’s probably the Doom we all wanted, right?
    But why when you buy the retail version, you still have to download 80% of
    game through Steam? What’s the point of retail then? I think i’ll buy a
    cheaper digital version from an online retailer.

  80. Loving this game! The Doom marine looking down at the deceased man while
    hearing ‘I did it for the good of man kind’, then cracking his knuckles and
    smashing that panel. Reminds me of a Dirty Harry type character, doesn’t
    have to say much, and not a single fuck is given by him, the baddies are
    going down! Id nailed it imo. 

  81. Boromir “Hugmir” Smith

    Your dog just wants to keep you in shape <3

  82. My problem with doom is the metacritic reviews. PC and ps4 have the exact
    same number of positive reviews. When I dug deeper I found the same screen
    names copy and pasting reviews on ps4 and PC. I found a guy named fallouts
    who copy and pasted a review for all three platforms. Leaves me with a
    suspicious taste in music mouth. I think I will pass

  83. And here I am, just waiting for Steam to finish downloading it…

  84. 05:50 hall of fame candidate for “great moments of video game

  85. Oh my god! That intro music after the doors open with the shotgun being
    “pumped” at the end gave me goosebumps.

  86. Derpy McDerpface

    I haven’t wanted a game as badly this since ever

  87. +Jim Sterling the true nature of DOOM lies in Nightmare mode

  88. This game on nightmare > fucking barrels get me kill sooo many times lol
    also NO COOP :(

  89. Bulldog-pressions?

  90. I haven’t had that melee missing problem, but I’m using mouse and keyboard.

  91. Now I actually want to play, every preview I saw was the god damned
    multiplayer, and I loath multiplayer focused games. Thanks Jim!

  92. Very good Terminator fiery lava death scene.

  93. Seriously why is all the gameplay shown for this game 10% shooting, 20%
    walking up to enemies and 70% melee kills.. a sad day to be a gamer from
    the ’90s.

  94. It looks like the enemies were lunging past you as you went to melee them,
    causing them to blink out of your view.

  95. that death animation at the end XD

  96. For the love of god just give me the code;_;

  97. Sonny Andersson


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