Doom (2016) – E1M1/At DOOM’s Gate Ft. Gabriel Leopardi (Guitar Remix)

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First time I tried to do something with E1M1 was way back in 2013 but I couldn’t figure out a way to make it more than just a straightforward cover plus there were already killer guitar covers of it from Charlie Parra and Erock. But after the reboot came out earlier this year (which is a lot of fun btw!), I thought it’d be cool to do an old-meets-new style remix of E1M1/At DOOM’s Gate. ’s work on the Doom soundtrack is incredible, great mix of drop-tuned guitars and aggressive synths; definitely recommend checking that out if you’ve not already!

Thanks to my friend Gab for helping me out on this one! Check out some of his links below and his band Cirse.

And quick shoutout to “Death Culture Metal Production” for his awesome mixing tutorials.

Guitars – Custom Halo Merus 7 –
Picks – Hufschmid Picks –


  1. Try listening at 1.25 speed.

  2. So much facemelt, love it.

  3. Hubert Applebaum

    Nothing better than a weekend of loud music and blasting your way through
    the forces of hell.. after putting up with a weeks worth of bullshit.

  4. Ripping cover dude!! Love me that new DOOM soundtrack

  5. Holy mother friggin moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve heard a lot of remixes of that tune. You. Win.

  7. Leroy Garza Jr.

    Wow, this made my day! Keep up the great music!!

  8. What kind of visualization is that in the beginning of your videos?

  9. this guy got potential

  10. I know that scream at the end is from the game but it also reminded me of
    Burzum. XD

  11. washerdryercombo

    Holy Shit, That gave me chills! Great job, I would love to hear that in the
    next Doom game.

  12. Harley Morenstein

    This shit is ??? fam

  13. F*cking amazing dude!!!!

  14. smartaleckcomedy

    Very nice! Do you mind if I use this remix for one of my videos? I will
    provide a link back to your channel giving you credit for the song.

  15. what was the song of the outro?

  16. 10/10


  18. Leopardi rules!

  19. This is too epic *facemelted*

  20. hope you can upload it to spotify soon

  21. Nice job guys!

  22. Omg….. SO00oooooo Siiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!

  23. really? A drum machine? Metal? lol

  24. good stuff

  25. Loved it but the phaser was too much

  26. H-HE’S FAST!

  27. This is brilliant, great job !

  28. The fuck kind of pick are you holding?

  29. Wheres a rabbit so i can bite its head off?

  30. and i stopped at 20 seconds

  31. Sick!

  32. I came.

  33. what kind of pick are you using ? looks like a rock lol

  34. if u like baddass electric guitar this is better:

  35. wow…this brings me back to my middle/high school days.

  36. do the whole game now. k thanks

  37. So so so so so so good! Like SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  38. Amazing take. Love it.

  39. Harizzle Pizzle

    I need to kill something

  40. Marek Wiśniewski


  41. Oh yeah!

  42. loved the fast paced aggression in it, great job to the both of you

  43. DAMN this is good! Your both tones sounds absolutely amazing, it’s
    excellent! Very well played!

  44. Elizaveta Naumovich

    What the hell is the thing the core guy is playing with? A 15mm pick?

  45. currently playing through DOOM.. awesome version of the killing song :)

  46. This was amazing! Great job guys!

  47. i love that halo guitar

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