DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

See the teen’s as they play through the retro PC game .

More : coming soon!


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The following episode featured the following Reactors:

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  1. love love LOVE the chick that knew the game. og DooM is my jam

  2. Teens React to Shadow of the Colossus

  3. I would have loved to see them get waxed by the Cyberdemon on their first
    try. lol

  4. MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN

    Doom and Wolfenstein are one of the best FPS games ever made

  5. react to: Half life.

  6. Rochester Oliveira

    I have 2 things to say: iddqd and idkfa

  7. Floppy disks look like the save button…
    Seriously? -.-

  8. Elders play Journey!!!! Blow there minds!!

  9. This game and quake 3 were so fun

  10. ItBurns WhenIPEE

    Brutal doom would’ve been way cooler.

  11. all first person shooters are based of of doom every gamer should know what
    doom is!

  12. Am I the only one who noticed that this isn’t the “Floppy Disk doom” like
    they say it is and its actually GZDoom?

  13. Xmod's Gaming (Xmods)

    OMG “what is doom” I guess you are not a gamer

  14. it appears that they were playing the game with the gzdoom source port

  15. Jose Luis Rodriguez

    Brutal Doom is probably more fun than Doom 2016.

  16. 12 year olds “Whats game is that”

  17. They should play the 2016 version when it comes out.
    I already per-ordered it.

  18. I’d love to see kids these days play some Street Fighter.

  19. That game was working with DOS and I still remember the code to get
    everything which was IDDQD.

    You need to put things into perspective, DOOM was the second 3D fps game
    ever, but was the greatest. Before that, all the games were in 2D like
    SuperMario etc.

  20. TheSpyWhoSappedYourSentry

    Yo, know where I can get that version of doom.

  21. “I know every secret, all bosses, etc” Yet, she missed a secret in the
    second level -_-

  22. Teens react to undertale

  23. 2016 already. DooM is still more fun than CS:GO, LoL, Dota, Fallout 4, Gta
    V, Destiny and I can go on.

  24. The shotgun sounds like my farts

  25. Is it weird for a teen like me to play doom and beat doom 1 and 2 over 3-7
    times?I feel like this 1990s game are much more fun then nowadays Fps

  26. I’m 14 and have this for N64 and an N64 ;_;

  27. Ivana Rodriguez

    teens react to UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!

  28. Shit sounds like Master of Puppets by Metallica!!!!

  29. Teens play Fallout 1 (1997)

  30. TheOneAndTheOnlyPenguin

    Teens Play: DOOM (The new one)

  31. Play Silent Hill 2 next

  32. theultimatehunt

    Try DoomII lvl suburbs.
    I had to run for my life cause infinite enemies spawn.

  33. Dilandau Albatou

    I remember seeing this game for the first time as a kid and it blew my
    frickin’ mind! I had no PC gaming experience at the time, and the graphics
    were amazing! Such a fun game even today.

  34. They should try playing it without the mouse~

  35. “…I know all the different levels, and endings…”
    No. Just no.

  36. “I’m scared, I’m so scared, man.”

    says he as he guns down 2 enemies.

  37. Kids/Elders/Teens react to Magic the Gathering! :D

  38. Iddqd…….

  39. Doom and Halo. the grandfathers of fps’s.

  40. I love playing the 2007-2009 doom games.

  41. DOOM the best

  42. Ew the MS DoS version, the music sounds like the floppy disk version
    I’m so used to like the CD Rom Version

  43. “are they the things that are kinda like square looking, and look like the
    save button on a computer?”
    *all of my rage*

  44. omd i am only 12 and ive ported doom to my ds and i cant believe they
    dident even know what doom is???

  45. Doim Was Also Released On The N64

  46. bfg-9000 that all there is

  47. Assassin9521857 Gaming

    Nintendo classic Mario

  48. Spencer Watkins

    The new doom is the most gory game of the 2000’s/probably the most gory
    game ever.

  49. Fandom Enforcer

    Wasn’t there a movie?

  50. Did they play five nights at Freddy’s?

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