DON’T LOOK AWAY… | Simulacra 2 – Part 2

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  1. Sooo….. Much. PORN!!!

  2. ngl i started screeching back at Mark when he did the closure
    Also–I won ^^

  3. Hey Mark!! I’d love to see you play You Must! Check it out^^

  4. Only 5 more days its ur birthday early happy birth day mark

  5. Amber heard be like: 40:20

  6. Dyslexia OVERLOAD

    I love it when mark does his impressions

  7. The fact that Jeff the Killer got mentioned 💀💀💀

  8. 37:28 the like is the reason u nutted

  9. SkeletonwithAGun

    I wonder if the Warden app was made by a simulacra

  10. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    The strongest virus had an 80% mortality rate. A Marburg virus outbreak struck the Democratic Republic of Congo for 2 years. With a 20-80 survival rate, the Marburg virus is the strongest known virus to date.


  11. I like this series, Post more plz

  12. What a lovely ound at the end

  13. 40:15 gives me such horribly bad acting vibes 😬

  14. Rtm real time murder.

  15. I just came here to have a good time and, as a loyal follower of Mark, I feel very attacked right now. 😤

  16. I almost spit my drink out when Mark said “yes” to the hoodie then “ oh $&@“ noooooooooo”

  17. What was “That last one”?

  18. I miss coryxkenshin 💔

  19. holla markipli’r, this second parteth didst not hoyday me. i kneweth from the v’ry second yond mayas cater-cousins w’re th’re yond night. but oth’r than yond, this video gets a 9/10 f’r t wast ent’rtaining to gazeth upon. valorous luck with the rest of the game and oth’r videos, i shall comment on those too.
    -love, a fan

  20. Hey Markiplier if you are looking for another reaction video to do there’s a song made by JT music it’s called Markiplier rap its pretty old but it’s very good you should definitely give it a look

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