DON’T LISTEN TO IT… | It Steals: Part 2

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It Steals ends but not before Legs tries trick you one last time…

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  1. Hey Markiplier, my dream is to be a horror narrator but I could really use more capital at the moment. Could you help?

  2. Love this game keep up the good content.

  3. You doing the hardmodes mark?

  4. Markiplier is fun to watch if you agree


  5. L
    ove your vids 🙂

  6. “Inside is not what I would like to keep you as” – Markiplier

  7. I love that this game finally got the light that it deserved… It is in my opinion the best horror game taht actually terrifies you. 😀 I hope it gets more mode or sequel :3

  8. Mark stays so quiet when he was playing the phantom mode. That was a terrifying game mode. This game was so well made. Really instills fear in you

  9. I feel like I can hold my breath WAY longer than the player character in the fifth mode. Like, come on dude, your life kinda depends on you holding your breath, you can last longer than ten seconds.

  10. I really hope you check out Zeekerss’ other game, The Upturned.

  11. I would love to see you revisit slender on the channel! I think that would be really cool!

  12. thank you markiplör i like this game

  13. I love that Youtube doesn’t think it important to have part 1 of this at all in the related videos

  14. I love this game. It’s so disorienting and crazy.

  15. 19:24 Amy must’ve been so confused after Mark screamed like that lol

  16. Mark: “Oh my god, the halls are alive”
    My tired brain: “With the sound of music…?”

  17. Ask and you shall receive mark

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