Disney Is Happy With EA’s Handling Of The Star Wars License… Somehow

Despite Electronic Arts having an atrocious run with the Star Wars license, Disney is reportedly fine with everything. Due to a low investment, and citing its own poor history with games, Disney is content to let EA run Star Wars into the ground.

With Star Wars Battlefront being an embarrassment of a series, and other projects canceled or uncertain, I don’t know how anyone could be okay with what EA’s done. But then, Disney really seems not to care about games.

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Source: https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/disney-video-game-star-wars-ea-1203129606/


  1. Dineshan Ganesamoorthy

    OH MY GOSH! Did you just… Did you just call EA a DOOFUS? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  2. Well Disney have no idea of what to do with Star Wars either .

  3. it is not like disney is better than ea.. so yeah ea is doing a good job

  4. The force is no more. All hail the farce.

  5. When Disney says they think EA did a good job they mean they made enough $$$ to stack it to the moon and back.

  6. As a huge fan of the theme parks and movies side of the company, Bob Iger is a lucky idiot who barely knows what he is doing. He makes money for the shareholders, but he knows nothing about the IP he is getting or has any original ideas. He inherited Pixar from Eisner, he accidentally got Marvel and they just happen to be the style of movie people where looking for, and Lucas wanted to retire, so who was he going to sell to?

    They totally blew it with Harry Potter, JK went to them first to build a land, and they wouldn’t do what Universal was willing to do and ended up becoming a force in the industry instead of a minor competitor in the theme park industry that they were. Disney even had a chance at the movie rights, but tried to low ball her, and missed out.

    The parks are getting improvements, new lands, but the Florida park is in horrid disrepair in areas (parts falling off the monorail and almost hitting people, if things break down on rides, they just remove it instead of repairing it) because they won’t spend the money to maintain like the use to. They haven’t even built a non IP attraction since Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom in 2006! Every thing since has been IP based.

    It’s all Bob’s fault. Maybe the company will be better off with out him, but not really sure who will replace him.

  7. Disney: “Am I out of touch?” “No, it’s the SW fans who are wrong.”

    SW Fans: “How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!”

  8. lt takes an ‘Evil Empire to understand an Evil Empire’

  9. EA would feel more at home on Ferenginar

  10. While it would have been much better for the IP and gaming for the license to not be an exclusive one, no doubt EA paid a lot for the exclusivity. Disney has a few incentives to not send EA down the river despite the mishandling.

    -it potentially makes thE IP radioactive for attracting future licensees and also potentially would make Disney be seen as a risky partner for other potential licensees of any other Disney IP

    -it looks bad to Disney’s shareholders if they make public statements inferring they’ve allowed a licensee to mishandle the Star Wars IP and damage a brand Disney spent a lot of money to acquire

    -there’s probably more to be gained financially by Disney sticking to the agreement with EA than whatever the financial liability would be for pulling out early.

    The deal is now over halfway through and Disney may simply have decided to cut their relative losses to brand loyalty as games aren’t their market anyway, the impact on the films and merchandise performance will be negligible, so they’ve decided it isn’t worth their trouble.

    Overall, the usual story of short-sighted investor-focused business decisions.

  11. Selling Star Wars to Disney was a mistake.

  12. The next Star Wars game, that’s easy, Battlefront: Battle Royale. Anthem will get a Battle Royale mode as a PVP update. All EA games are gonna just be the most current trend till the dead horse becomes a heap of ash. Disney isn’t upset because getting upset will loose them money and what EA has done doesn’t directly damage the brand yet. Don’t ever think for a second though that Disney doesn’t have a firm hold of the reigns. Disney is the original EA, they just hide the predatory consumerism better.

  13. CDPR and EA have a meeting with DISNEY.
    CDPR pitches first “We will spare no expense and create the best star wars game ever created, just give us 5-6 years”
    EA then (through stifled laughs) “Well, we have invented our own imaginary currency and we trade it for billions of dollars per year, it took two minutes to set up”

    In other words, I am sure Disney are very happy right now.

  14. “It sold more then Star Wars Kinect so EA must be a good publisher” ~Disney probably

  15. The exclusive agreement actually steps on the toes of other companies that don’t even make videogames! Fantasy Flight Games has been making some awesome tabletop games for the Star Wars license, including a traditional pen and paper RPG. However, because EA retains rights to all electronic game Star Wars products, FFG isn’t even allowed to sell PDF copies of it’s rulebooks! Because EA retains the rights to all digital game products, even a damn PDF that contains an RPG ruleset. The agreement is that poorly written.

  16. Disney just need to reopen Lucasarts studios some of the best games ever made by them

  17. disneys investment was just their pocket change, ofc they dont care

  18. Ugh, I hate EA having the Star wars license.

    After seeing the Pirates world in Kingdom Hearts 3 I really want to see Square Enix take a crack at Star wars.

  19. Disney is 100% bullshitting to keep their stock price up. If they don’t show confidence in their IP the price goes down and their deal to buy Fox gets more expensive, because most of it is in stock.

  20. Disney doesn’t care how EA handles its license as long as they get paid

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