Disco Elysium – Sex, Drugs, And Dice Rolls (Jimpressions)

Disco Elysium is one of the best roleplaying games you could hope to experience, provided you’re looking for something savagely dark, political, and introspective.

It’s a game all about being a cop – a superstar cop, a bigoted cop, a cop of the apocalypse, a communist cop – whatever cop you decide to be based on the wealth of options that open up to you.

Bearing a brutal wit and a deep, contemplative story about depression, addiction, societal struggles, and everything in between, Disco Elysium is one of the most fascinating games you can play this year.


  1. intro made me laugh , ty !

  2. Always good to have something wacky and a bit nuts in the sea of blandness AAA showers us with every year 😀

  3. Attack of the Souls X

    One of the best games of this year is an understatement. This’s easily the best game of this year with outer wilds and one of the best games of this gen

  4. That title is what happens when players are told to “really get in character”.

    “That game of DnD certainly got out of hand didn’t it?”
    – DM imprisoned in a maximum security prison.

  5. Jim Sterling risks the “Only anger” algorith by posting a positive review.

    All y’all should realise the game really is *that good* for Jim to risk his channel in this way.

  6. Man, Kane and Lynch hit some hard times, but at least is was better than their last adventure.

  7. This game was really good. I’m glad you’re giving it more exposure!

  8. “You can have Arguments with your own stats”
    …okay im interested.

  9. The Trusty Sidekick

    I started playing it earlier today and I fell in love within the first 5 minutes of gameplay.

  10. Kim Kitsuragi is the best boy 2019.

  11. This game. It isn’t a game, it’s an experience, a true work of art. God I love it!

  12. “One of the most boring game ever created and with graphics looking like it’s 1998 gets a 10 with no lows? You gotta be kidding me… absolutely boring game with nothing that catches your eye.”

    -GameSpot comment section

  13. Now I feel safe to go and purchase this game.

  14. I asked a girl out, got turned down and my game ended because my character quit the police force due to his low self esteem. Best. Game. Ever.

  15. The name of this game, is just so up jim’s alley from his reactions to most things, definitely a better name then breath of the wild

  16. This is why I like Jim. I’d have never have heard of this game without him

  17. I lost an argument with my laziness stat, so I’m just posting for engagement rather than trying to say something interesting.

  18. After 3 hours, my cop is still looking for a pack of cigarettes and hasn’t achieved a single thing. It’s terrific!

  19. Basically… the true evolution of Planescape: Torment?

  20. So happy to see more people give this masterpiece a shot.

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