Did Tainted Minds Break the Law?

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I’ll be talking about the various laws the organization broke, ’s poor response to the situation, and the path the players could have followed outside of in order to (hopefully) hold legally accountable. The only reason we know about this situation is because some of the players and staff were brave enough to break their non-disclosure agreements and go public. I don’t think this kind of thing is unique to , and I think that if we want to ensure reform in the scene, it’s vitally important that we as a community continue to talk about this issue and about the final decision made by Riot.


  1. Big shout out to Tainted Minds who I suspect tried to attack my credibility when they found out I was working on this video.

    To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the video!

  2. I did not expect this kind of content, I’m not saying it’s bad (in fact I haven’t watched the bloody video yet) – I think it’s going to be quite good. I am just glad you’re uploading again to be honest – PLEASE keep uploading! Thank you!

  3. maarten van 't veer


    I missed you a lot valk, tho well enjoy, dont forget to do so yourself!

  4. 1 hour 10 minutes video, 7 mins up on youtube and 3 dislikes? How can people even dislike something before watching it?

  5. Oh hey Valkrin.

  6. Missed your content 🙂

  7. Илья Колесников

    Listen 1 hour about some Australian team? No thank you

  8. I can respect your fighting against injustice, it’s shows that you as a person have a good morale. But what I wanna say is that in this world there is so much injustice done by those who only have greed and wouldn’t care a less about others. And there are those bad people that have the ultimate power and control over others. There are also people that fight against those and even lose their lives for fighting against injustice.

    I’m not sure what you are gonna do in the future, this video has been clearly way different from the rest of your videos. I’m just making a point and warning you about the bad people, if you wanna go to this road of comitting your life to fight all the possible injustice in the world, it’s a road that is dangerous. (I am not talking about League scale I am talking about the world, bigger scale; money markets/politics/etc) And even if we aren’t talking about the bigger scale, you are basically taking a big risk doing these kind of videos (you probably thought about this already).

    But yeah hats off to you, keep doing what you’re doing just wanting to give my thoughts! I hope to see you play some League soon, I am really waiting for your next League stream! 🙂

  9. Riot terminated Renegades because Monte had too much of a voice for just a Caster while being in 2 regions, and both regions respected his opinions too much, so Riot had to get rid of Monte for the future. Monte said this during Thooorin’s interview. Riot will continue to make up evidence without revealing it to the public.

  10. As a law student from Germany (context: German Work Saftey law applies nationwide and is very very strict), i’m fucking disgusted. Pardon my french, but holy shit how could a business like Riot OCE handle this issue like they did. How could Riot even allow Tainted Minds to be a collaborator to Riot and part of the OPL and be part of eSports if it goes that far and actually broke the law. My mind just blown.
    Yes Valk, maybe you are not a practicing lawyer and maybe i’m just a law student from another country, but this video shows what the only proper opinion someone should have on the TM fiasco is and made me really sick. Everybody who was affected by it, including fasffy should sue. And Riot OCE should support them in that lawsuit. We viewers of eSports / fans shouldn’t let that slide and that’s why I say thanks for stepping up Valkrin, much respect and support from Germany!

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    Just an fyi to people who subbed on Youtube but don’t watch the subreddit: Valkrin will be streaming on Tuesday (6/20/17) at around 12 PM EST. I wanna see people in the chat dammit!

  12. Sounds like Riot has some explaining to do. Great video, I hope this shit all gets sorted out and the players and Fasffy are compensated for it. What a fucking shitshow.

    BTW, we missed you buddy. Welcome back. 👍

  13. This entire thing makes me unfathomably mad

  14. Fasffy sounds like she needs a hug. I’m here in open arms.

  15. Valkrin saw the post on reddit support u all the way

  16. “am I their fucking parent?” ONE OF THEM IS 17, SO YES YOU DENSE FUCK.

  17. PogChamp more Chewy cam

  18. Honestly, I just want to see TM go bankrupt over being sued.

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  20. lol, calm down, make some videoes or u be gone dude, i am unsubscribed now

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