Did ALL DLC FIGHTERS Just LEAK for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?! – LEAK SPEAK!

There’s a weird list of choices. But some of them make sense..

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  1. Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987

    Holy leaks batman!

  2. I say I believe this for about 50% – as in, half of these characters seem plausible. What do you think?

  3. I don’t believe in leaks anymore after the Grinch leak.

  4. I hope we get a Year 2 for Fighter Passes.

  5. Cuphead would be perfect! Microsoft and nintendo are working together!

  6. If this is real Sakurai is going to find this leak and delete all of the characters they’re currently working and replacing them with new ones I swear

  7. If not Geno then Crono was by far my most wanted square character so I gotta say I hope this is real! Crono alone is enough for me to be happy with the dlc. Edit: I don’t believe the leak I’m just saying lol.

  8. looks fake to me, no way they have this early; I doubt Nintendo has the assets available in any of the eShop’s code until they’re actually close to releasing them, and even then I don’t think you’d be able to get to a page like that until Nintendo actually releases the stuff.

    As multiple legit-looking “leaks” have proven, anyone can make a fake leak.

  9. Im German and its funny how you are saying it xD

  10. Lloyd Johannessen

    It’s Fake.

    There’s no Banjo-Kazooie.

  11. i think the leak is fake, but a few characters legit, mainly Jibanyan, as Yo-Kai Watch is made by Level 5 (big partner of Nintendo) & Yo-Kai Watch is massive in Japan (because Yo-Kai are Japanese mythology), i mean the series has 4 main game (#4 comming this year on switch), several spin-offs (all games are Nintendo exclusive btw), tons of toys & plushes, a successful anime (in Japan at least, the dub is kinda on a hold), a full on movie, a dance that the Japanese kids love, heck i even saw a Japanese vending machine, that spits out Chocobars (the ones from the franchise) that is designed to look like 1 of the Yo-Kai from the games (Robonyan)

  12. it would probably be easy to edit that, i dont believe it YET

  13. François Lachance

    Isn’t Chrono’s name actually written as Crono? I doubt they’d make a mistake in the name…

  14. But if Microsoft wants to get good with older Nintendo fan they would consider banjo

  15. Listen, I’d believe the whole Cuphead thing, but if Shovel Knight can’t even make it in, there is no way Cuphead will.

    Edit: Everybody saying Microsoft owns Cuphead, no they don’t. StudioMDHR owns Cuphead.

  16. Rider Raythanity

    *WWG (World War Grinch) Flash Backs*

  17. Andrew Wittenberg

    After the Grinch leak, I’m not believing anything

  18. Are you actually saying Cuphead is more likely than Crono ? Rofl

  19. They spelt Crono with a H. If I’m not wrong, that means this leak is 100% fake.

  20. I call bs as I don’t see Banjo&Kazooie.

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