devolve is too OP


  1. Like damn. Troldens jau 3 stundas vēlāk ir šito iebāzis video Kappa

  2. Just wanna make sure. Axe Flinger had nothing to do with that. You kept scrolling over to the Axe dude and the taunt. It was counting the damage he did via Heal and soulpriest as damage, activating his heal again, and then it’s an infinite loop.

  3. why is this happening?

  4. lol you were so confused

  5. Top Hearthstone Moments

    Hey man, we were wondering if you would be willing to allow us to use your hearthstone clips in our best moment highlight videos. We will be sure to put your links in the description! 🙂

  6. Man I was well confused there for a while.

  7. Similar thing happened in nigmanoname’s video awhile back with Auchenai + Mistress of Pain.

  8. Haha, oh wow… I was confused too at first cause you kept hovering over Axe flinger. I was like what the actual f…

  9. Almost missed lethal there…

  10. Накрутка iбать!!!

  11. well that is an interesting interaction between soulpriest and whatever that unused legendary is called

  12. Hold The Door Gaming

    I hope you activated money adds to this vid..

  13. Pleasejus tgokillyourself

    What a shitty e-sport

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