Devil May Cry 5 – Smokin’ Sexy Style (Jimpressions)

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Devil May Cry 5 is the consummate “return to form” package, Capcom’s unapologetic comeback for Dante, Nero, and a mysterious Adam Driver lookalike called V. Sidestepping the DmC reboot, this is the Devil May Cry fans know and love.

Not a step has been lost. DMCV is everything fans want, and everything the rest of the world needs.


  1. Devil may cry is finally back

  2. Anthony Armstrong

    I was waiting patiently for that expectation subversion Jim.

  3. Capcom is becoming one of the greats recently. Monster hunter world, resident evil 2 remake and devil may cry 5. Love it

  4. i wasn’t going to play this… but now I plan to! Thanks Jim.
    Ps…. i have never played the other ones… is that going to be a problem understanding the story?

  5. Capcom is crushing it recently with MegaMan, RE, and DMC. Now if they can fix SF5…

  6. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    DMCV make me feels like Dante 10/10

  7. You’ve been visited by the Positive Jim. You will have good gaming luck for the next 30 loot boxes.

  8. Gave me a heart attack until 0:45 thought the game was shit. Well off to buying it.

  9. V is like all the goth kids from South Park fused into one transcendent being.

  10. The Devil is Crying tears of joy.


  12. 10/10 Top tier Drilling and Fisting – Jim Sterling

  13. I think Jim likes this one

  14. Its refreshing to see Jim Sterling not disgusted or disappointed by a AAA game for once. If only this industry allowed this thing to happen more often

  15. You can Control V, but what about control C before that?

  16. Capcom. You have redeemed yourself! Mega Man 11, Monster Hunter Word, Resident Evil 2, and now THIS. Keep it up you brilliant bastards!

  17. The fact that you love this game makes it all the more sad to know it won’t appear in the Jimquisition Awards because of your standing on microtransactions. I don’t care for them either, so I understand your enforcement on your rule.
    Good to know the game is great, still~~

  18. Jim may not be the most positive being in the gaming industry, but when Jim Fucking Sterling Son is positive about a game you really feel it. Thank God for Jim.

  19. Positive Jim, a rare sight.
    Everyone else: OMG YOU SELL OUT!
    Me: cause god forbid someone finds a game they might like in this day and age

  20. Clearly not an Eldritch Horror disguised as an anime character!

    V isn’t actually human he is the physical Manifestation of Hot Topic.

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