Developer Update | Experimentation & Hero Pools | Overwatch

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses upcoming additions to the game, including the Experimental Card, Hero Pools, and more.


  1. RammusTheArmordillo

    Jeff playing the “If you say nerf you explode” game

    • If you say nerf dva instantly interrupts by dropping her mech on you and finishing with “THIS” as her mech self destructs

  2. Jeff: Some heroes are going to receive changes that make w—


  3. Ooh boy, I can’t wait to get home and play Winston.
    Jeff: No.

  4. Jeff: “… this is not based on science”
    dinoflask: “we are making some balances, this is not based on science”

  5. 10:47 Finally! It took them YEARS to address that player icon issue.

  6. Burger King Demands 1 Million Subscribers

    “this is what you wanted.”

    Ive been on the forums asking for booty shorts Jeff…

  7. Hero pools: *exist*
    Flex players: This battle will be legendary!!

  8. Jeff: *doesn’t remember the word “nerf”
    Ex Mercy Mains: “Are we a joke to you?”


  10. ThePhysicalReaction

    So they’ll be examining what goes on with console play…

    “This is where the fun begins”

  11. Type of changes: Testing overwatch 2 on overwatch.

  12. Mm… I don’t know how I feel about this hero pool..

    • Think about it like this… There will never be another goats. That and i think when people hear that heros are getting banned for a week, people over estimate how many are getting banned… Its probably going to be 1-2, 2-4, 1-3… And the high points of those wpuldnt exist at the same time

  13. Jeff: “I know you’re going to give us a ton of feedback and we can’t wait to hear it all.”
    Good luck sifting through the thirty-thousand comments pointing out that you skirted saying the word “nerf”

  14. Every one in chat * make memes bout Papa Jeff *
    Jeff : please keep those coming

  15. “I have a bad feeling about this” ~ Orisa

  16. “Owl is excited about this idea as well.” ARE YOU SURE?

  17. The game’s been out for almost 4 years and we still have those same in-game stats and medals. Would be nice to see more useful in-game stats and maybe change the medals system

  18. I can hear the one tricks sweating

  19. You probably won’t see this but with the balance changing more frequently

    Can you add a menu on the main screen that could show patch notes?

    • Actually a good idea. I wanna see the patches but I don’t wanna pull open a new tab bc I know it will just be closed by the game in a few seconds, and it’s hard to find the patches that actually effect me. Maybe implement a thing that looks at what Heros you play most and give you a tab upon opening showing if any changes where made to the top five Heros you play.

    • Like that one 🙂

    • I know you can view patch notes on the battle net launcher!

    • Middleton Plays for console players though!
      It would be cool to replace the hero ability screen in game with patch notes or something

  20. 5:21 Producer: Avoid the word nerf at all costs people hate it.

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