Developer Update | Competitive Open Queue | Overwatch

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Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses updates to Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue, Experimental modes, queue times, and changes to the Hero Pool system.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

00:21 Jeff discusses updates to Competitive Open Queue
01:34 Competitive Open Queue planned for arcade in June
02:15 Competitive Open Queue will join Role Queue for Season 23 in July
04:03 Queue times are improved when Open Queue exists
04:40 Experimental Card updated with balance changes
06:06 Hero Pools won’t apply to players under 3,500 SR
06:57 Overwatch League data will determine Hero Pools while in season


  1. Sinatraa: leaves OverWatch because of role lock
    Jeff: adds open role queue

    • Pyte “dat cash in Valorant” lmfao he was earning hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars playing in the owl, and I am sure he is not getting paid as much to play for sentinels.

    • @Pyte
      33 meta wont die-> 222 role que
      Instead,nerf dps so player dont have to play 33 anymore

      We need more maps->map rotation
      Instead, make more maps

      Double barrier wont die -> hero pool
      Instead, nerf sniper heroes so players can deal with them without 2 barriers

      Dps que time is too long -> open que comp
      Instead balance the game properly so that we can all play the game in one concentrated comp mode

    • 흥하자! 오버워치


    • @monkii My man I was making a joke I don’t actually think he was going broke or anything

    • @Ted Ted
      The worst part is 33 meta was really close to being organically on the way out with the buffs to Reaper and sym, two very tank-busting and shield-busting characters. They could’ve removed 33 altogether if only they’d put back some of Ana’s healing potential and her speed boost on nano. Ages ago, shortly after she released, 33 started to occur with her at the crux of it, and it was just starting to get cycled out when beyblade meta started to come into being. NanoBlossom was the NanoBlade of the past, because Reaper could just spin all over a team without any risk or issue.

      If you reverted that now, there’s dramatically more cc in the meta these days, so it’d probably end up balancing out to a series of swaps across the board. You wouldn’t be able to play 33 bc a reaper would charge up super quick, NanoBlossom once, and wipe the entire tank lineup, so you’d have to pull in some longer range dps to counter, and with how simple and easy Reaper is to play AND to counter, it’d force switches across the board on both teams. Reaper gets countered, so reaper swaps off, but swapping back onto your 33 would bring the reaper back out again, meaning you’d have to swap back to long range.

      It’d break down into mirror comp again but eventually, it’d shake out to be long range dps vs long range dps once more, and then dive would become viable again, but reaper, hog, and torb are still strong and sturdy dive counters, especially in high rank, so you’d end up with very dps heavy comps again, which are more vulnerable to range, and so on and so forth, the dance goes on.

  2. You’reFriend RumRum

    Since you’re putting open queue comp in with normal comp, wouldn’t it make sense to put quick play classic in with quick play?

  3. SecretWeaponF18 :D

    5:03 Jeff, did you mean “Many of you are dying when you see Bastion” not ” Many of you are dying to see more Bastion”.

  4. “some of you are just dying to see more bastion in your matches” Jokes eh. I cant tell if this guy is being sarcastic

  5. “…to make Bastion more viable”

  6. SecretWeaponF18 :D

    5:06 Does being “Vocal” about a Bastion buff count as screaming at my monitor whilst I spectate a Bastion who just pumped 1,000,000 bullets into my forehead 😂

  7. Militaru Cristian

    Sorry Jeff, I like your beard, but my eyes are one the “WoW: Wrath of the Lich King” signed box in the corner.

  8. Jeff: we know you guys are dying to see more bastion

    everyone: yeah… no

  9. Wha’ ’bout the imbalanced team notifs? I miss that “Not enough healing” “Not enough tank” might put some sense in full DPS teams (Where I try to carry everyone with Ana)

  10. When are we getting a swiss map? Mercy is literally one of the OG heroes but her country hasn’t got a map yet.

  11. AffirmedJuggler

    When we come outta lockdown Jeff is gonna look like Gandalf

  12. I’m guessing Moirai is getting a nerf because in my game I’ve seen her getting more kills then the dps😂

    • -Angela Ziegler -

      RLC Beats
      I feel you 💀

    • @Shade Aristotle and that’s exactly why she need these nerfs. You have to make a choice when you push out that orb, to either heal, or do damage. And that’s the crux of the issue, DPS Moira players obsession with attacking enemies instead of realizing that they have 2 tanks and 2 DPS already dealing it most of the time. Our job as Moira is to support, and that means keep those around you alive as much as you can. If we can’t do that, just switch to DPS.

    • Chandler Stlouis

      zimzimzalabim right because I’m supposed to use my dash to catch up to the solo diving Winston to heal him. Moira does focus on healing, dps just need to figure out how to do more damage

    • True, but that isn’t the aspect of her getting nerfed. Elims are the worst stat to use to determine one’s performance/a character’s performance.

      This is because anyone can just deal 1HP of damage to an enemy, let their team kill them and still get an elimination for it.

    • Funniest thing is that moira does the lowest dps in the game

  13. “Mercy is getting a buff”
    Mercy Mains: Long have I waited..

  14. I’d be really happy if the play of the game system got updated. Maybe tanks, dps, and healers can meet their own unique requirements to get play of the game. For example a healer would get play of the game if they healed a lot of teammates that were at critical health, saving their lives and potentially the game. Dps could be based on number of kills or damage in a single instance. Tanks could get it by blocking a large amount of damage, denying an enemy ultimate, or getting a huge ult off (6 man rein shatter for example).

    • As a lucio main i do kinda want a play that isnt getting a double boop or something boring

    • Yuan Dong The play of the game is goofy. It gives people potg if they get the most kills in a short amount of time first. Example: Junkrat ults and gets a 5k, and a Pharah ults and gets a 5k, the person who got the 5k first gets play. Very dumb in my opinion. I think plays should be focused around who took the most skill while also getting a large amount of kills, instead of who clicks the ult button and gets easy kills.

    • Maybe instead of potg we get play of the round

    • I see more tank and healer potg I think than dps I know I get them all the time with my shatters

    • Yeah healing a bunch of teammates from critical happens all the time in a game. It’s commonplace for a healer to be pumping out metric tons of healing if their teammates are taking too much damage. And the thing is, ideally, this should almost never have to happen. The team taking damage like this typically means they’ve done something wrong. Not to mention it’d create the incentive for people who only want potg to wait until the last minute to heal, which, as a tank main, no thanks please.

  15. Me: 🙁

    The birds outside of Jeff’s house: *chirp chirp*

    Me: 🙂

  16. bastion can stay where he is, in low-elo he is dominating matches.

  17. “We’re gonna be tracking all of your comments, all over the internet”

    Papa Jeff pls don’t find the erotic fanfiction I wrote 3 moons ago

  18. Jeff: I know you guys want to see more bastion in your matches

    Me: >:(

    • Well he did say “I know many of you are just DYING to see more bastion” Cuz as soon as u see bastion u just die. (cuz bastion murdered you)

    • I love fighting bastion because seeing the respawn timer allows me to relax

  19. “NeW BuF To JuNkRaT”: he can now fire as fast a bastion and his primary fire is one shot

  20. I’ve said this before, but the only development update I want, is more customizable subtitle options. I am deaf with aided hearing *implants* while I can hear I sill have trouble hearing ultimates, callouts from in game characters and things like that. The subtitles that are currently in the game are very difficult to use, they’re small and placed too far down for me to actually use them without hindering my game play. I’m very grateful they are in the game at all. I just believe that everything has room for improvement.

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