Developer Update | Avoid as Teammate | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses a new feature currently being tested in Overwatch: Avoid as Teammate!

01:21 – Introducing new feature, Avoid as Teammate!
01:37 – you select with the feature will be avoided for seven days
02:22 – How to use this feature to help control your game experience
03:32 – There might be side effects of this system, but we’re closely monitoring it
04:10 – Thoughts on why we limit how many people you can avoid
04:40 – How this system affects those have a high number of avoiding them
05:52 – We are paying very close attention to how this feature performs
06:00 – We will continue to create features to help you craft your experience in Overwatch


  1. Only two? I have two teammates every game that I would never want to play with again.

  2. So great as an australian masters torb main i will now instead of already waiting an hour for a game I have to wait even longer because because everyone will avoid me

  3. How about a forfeit match feature so were not stuck in a match with a thrower and waste our time

  4. Dear, Overwatch Game Developers, now I know you disagree with role select but just think about the survival of the game here. We know you want to add heroes that are mixed classes sort of like Brigitte, and add small systems like avoiding teammate. But majority of the community want role select and yes it will mean longer wait times but its worth it for a good even game than having 1 good game and a bunch of bad games, but I don’t decide what you want to implement and thats your choice. And by the way you don’t only run into 2 throwers in overwatch (at least 2 per game) and thats why role select is perfect, because its also a cure for less toxicity in Overwatch, because your team doesn’t get angry because of 5 DPS mains. If you introduce this system the level in people playing competitive will sky rocket (so much the servers will crash). Like if you agree with this statement.

  5. thank god there’s a limit otherwise i’d be playing alone

  6. gonna avoid myself as a teammate

  7. مهند الزهراني

    three words : BRING MERCY BACK !!!

  8. Nerf Zen huh?

  9. Take my virginity D A D D Y

  10. Overwatch devs really cares about the community ❤️

  11. Julius The Turnip

    Or just get role select just saying…

  12. Rip widow mains


  14. I stopped playing overwatch since uprising and im still watching these

  15. Omg I love!!!! Now can we make prefer this player work?

  16. Avoiding two is pretty reasonable, I will go back and play siege now

  17. Super good idea but … I don’t really see an idiot twice in a game, because I’m not Master or something.
    I don’t see how it would help me when I’m playing with 30 idiots a day.

  18. Wow I can avoid the two trolls in all of Overwatch! Because that all that there is in the game two not a single one more!

  19. when available servers in middle east ?
    all players in middle east playing with ping 90+ and i have lag in final match
    i get loose to my team because the ping very high

  20. So now anyone who doesn’t want me to play the characters I like to play can avoid me, forcing me to never get matched to a game again? Cool… I’ll just keep letting my game collect dust in the shelf..

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