Developer Accuses Reviewers Of Not Playing His Poorly Reviewed Game

Ancestors: A Humankind Odyssey kind of squirted out to middling reviews, earning praise for its ambitious elements but coming under fire for being obtuse, awkward, boring, and irritating.

Its chief developer is rather bitter about the whole thing, and says he’s used to better reviews. In expressing his disappointment, he accused some game reviewers of not really playing the game and making stuff up about it, unsubtly suggesting his game would perform better otherwise.

As a critic and a former full-time game reviewer, I’ve got some serious issues with the implications being made, especially when all the evidence points to the fact that Ancestors just isn’t all that good a game.

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  1. I can’t sleep so thanks for keeping me company

  2. They made some harsh decisions to get the game out. In return they got some harsh reviews.

  3. The game got a better score than Anthem and Fallout 76, so… that’s something, right?

  4. I really wish people would be more open minded towards legit criticism

  5. Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    “No, it’s the children who are wrong”

  6. “Sometimes” is not “a fact”.

  7. nice to know that even professional developers can attack like asset fliper creators on steam

    ahh what a world

  8. Sounds like a lot people I know:
    “Here’s some criticism”
    “Your criticism is not valid”

  9. You know, just last week I was thinking to myself: “Man, there sure has been a lack of self-absorbed developers making fools of themselves lately.”

    Glad to see the world hasn’t *COMPLETELY* flipped on its head.

  10. Epic grabbed up a timed exclusive that wasn’t even a really good game? Thought they were only going to allow really good games.

  11. If I were pissed off every time they tell me my music was f’ed up in a concert, I’d stop doing music altogether. I mean seriously, grow up.

  12. Now that he doesn’t have those guaranteed Ubisoft scores, he’s whining about getting fair ratings. What a child.

  13. It’s a shame he got so up his own arse, He should be happy his small team released a game that reviewed better than Fallout 76 which was made by a huge company and also had the Fallout name behind it. Silver lining and all that.

  14. Although a wise philosopher told us that horses don’t exist.

  15. “egg-zac-a-tally”

    – Jim Sterling

  16. He should be taking notes, not attacking his criticism

  17. Jim should’ve spoken throughout this vid in an outrageous French accent

  18. “We know for a fact”
    Fails to point to the facts that gave him said knowledge.
    Sounds more like he feels entitled to good reviews and wants to play “we’re a small indie developer” card as well.
    Didn’t hear about this game, and will continue to not hear about it.

  19. “At least it’s not Fallout 76 and Anthem!” – The Internet

    Ah, setting the bar high I see.

  20. “I’ve done a nanosecond of research, and as it turns out horses don’t exist! Yaaaay!!!”


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