Destiny 2 – The Curse of Osiris: The Review

me, but I was willing stick with it because I had faith that Bungie would take the necessary steps improve the game. But upon seeing how lazy this is, and how unworthy it is our time, I just felt foolish. I’m out.

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  1. You’ll be back when it gets updated and say how much you love the game.

  2. R.I.P. Destiny 2


  3. We’ve all heard the “I quite Destiny” line before.
    So you better not return.

  4. Respect to you SkillUp, you made a mistake in standing behind the game, but then you swallowed your pride, and put time and effort into making another great, well constructed video in admittance that you were wrong, and that you were moving on because gamers dont deserve what Bungie is trying to hand out.

  5. Flash forward 6 months to a year and another video about how wrong you were. They will do what they did last game, next dlc will have more content and address some issues the community talked about and then everyone will love this game again. I agree with a lot if not all of what you say, it’s just that I know everyone’s opinion will flip flop. We’re all hypocrites

  6. Fuck yeah! I want my free dessert Bungie!

  7. Hey, i just wanted to say that i realy appreciate it that you still read so many comments from old Videos. Its rly suprising too See you responding too a 7 Month old Video! Keep it up!

  8. Remember when Destiny announced that it would get 10 years of content?

    Yeah, neither did Bungie

  9. Destiny why cant you be like your brother, halo?

  10. The end of the video was kind of heartbreaking to hear the developer say that and now we get this game ;(

  11. This was worse than The Dark Below…

  12. This dude is always so overdramatic in every video… Acts like this is life or death material

  13. If people think d2 is worse than d1 stop and think about when that game first released the only reason people say it’s better is because we ended off of 4 years of content you can’t possibly expect them to have that much content in the beginning of d2

  14. Bungie died 2 seconds after it released and I was so mad mostly sad but mad

  15. Bungie went to a new level of low, when they payed WatchMojo to praise D2. The guy talked like if he was a D1Vanilla player who played all the way to D2.

  16. I´m really sorry for all the Destiny fans.
    I hope you all find something new to do.

  17. D2 story was absolute shit. My creative writing teacher would give the shitty plot an “F”. Ffs did anyone else just skipped every cut scene?!? because i did. They should have done different diverse story for each class to make your character feel unique.

  18. Listening to all these criticisms of this DLC makes me wonder why would someone buy this DLC when the progression and meaning of your gameplay ring so hollow. The difficulty sounds non-existent if you can run past enemies and always have a tactical advantage in missions then there is no point instead of just getting through it if only for the story. But by the sounds of it the story doesn’t have any depth to retain one’s interest as it doesn’t have consistency with the game’s already established lore. New weapons don’t aesthetically look different than in-game counterparts, or are the same from the previous title, and don’t provide anything new to enhance and deepen gameplay.

    Appearance rewards that will make you look powerful are not locked behind difficult and engaging challenges to make you feel rewarded but are behind a loot box system that you have to play a random game of chance to unlock what you desire negating the gratification of these rewards. But these rewards are considered the game’s endgame content one must feel rewarded for reaching the end of the game and playing content that is only accessible for those that have. Thus the content should contain meaningful rewards isn’t that correct? Currency for these loot boxes that contain these rewards isn’t fast to obtain, but that’s not the case unless you use money but this shows the rewards are not a testament to one’s skill of reaching the endgame and playing through endgame content, thus negating the value of these rewards.

    After all these critical criticisms what drives one to play? Is it the possible chance for desirable rewards? or the combat itself is deemed gratifying so these problems aren’t evident to fans of Destiny 2? Then with no disrespect, one can probably conclude that from this review Destiny players are quite hollow gamers themselves to enjoy The Curse of Osiris.

  19. WELL SAID!

    I quitted Destiny2 three weeks ago… was playing D1 since the Beta and it was my favorite game, had over 1,800hours…..

    but this shit is trash, im out for good

  20. What I can’t fathom is this. A group of people LIE to their loyal customers’ faces shamelessly and people still come back to this crap? I hope for Destiny fans’ sake that you don’t accept the same treatment that Bungie has showed you from friends, family or a SO. If the people you’re doing business with lies to your face, cut the fucking relationship loose.

    They’ve shown no contempt for their player base and I’m sure if they weren’t caught, they’d still be trying to get away with sneaky shit. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and if you know you’re lied to directly in your face and still go back?? That’s your own fault.

    If you people support Destiny 3 and come to be surprised by getting treated like dogshit for the 3rd time, you can only blame yourselves.

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