Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Gamescom Trailer

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Gamescom Trailer
You haven’t seen darkness. Not yet.

A great battle approaches. What was once a symbol of humanity’s determination has now become a battleground against the Nightmares of our past.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launches October 1.



  1. not only titan can falcon punch but they can falcon kick?!

  2. Me: *sees Skolas*
    Me: *house of wolves flashbacks intensifies*


  4. Our oldest enemies are back again to haunt us…
    “Randal the Vandal”
    Breathing intensifies

  5. Thanks Bungie for putting Omniguls screams back inside my head

  6. Omnigul screech
    How many more times do we have to teach you this lesson old man!

  7. the background music is “marching with giants”

  8. If I spawn on the moon and don’t hear Variks scream “Sylok The Defiled!” Imma be upset

  9. “Your past confronts you, Guardian”
    **Prenerf Vex Mythoclast appears**
    **internally screaming**

  10. Damn does Bungie know how to make an amazing hype trailer!!!

  11. Me: *loads hand cannon with malicious intent*
    “Moon’s haunted”
    Friend: “What?”
    Me: “Moon’s haunted”

  12. Strawberri Senpai

    Alright Crota, u better get me that Crux, cuz I want my Necrochasm!!

  13. Grasp of malok version 2.0 please as strike reward or epic mission… pretty please 🙂 Oh and Ps.. love you guys.

  14. Crota: you took everything from me

    People who didn’t play d1: I don’t even know who you are

  15. Guardian: Didn’t we kill you already
    Crota: Well yes, but actually no

  16. Bungie: Hunter dodge actually dodges attacks

    Hunters: can we redo our guardian’s apperance?

    Bungie: Nope
    Hunters: well at least we talk now right?
    Bungie:…….. …. ….

  17. Okay but the editing with the Titan at :34 becoming the Flash though. Sick.


  18. “You haven’t seen darkness… Not yet”
    So Oryx was what? Not dark? Slightly dim?

  19. The Channel With The Beats

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited for Destiny and it feels so good. Great job Bungie, you’ve become Bungie again!

    • @Trickaz the game isnt a cashgrab lmao. Ive read majority of the comments and either you dont know what your even saying, or youve really not played the game much if any. I can honestly say destiny is not struggling, the game is also gonna be free once again/crossplay near future. The shadowkeep trailer was #2 on trending for a couple days, so the fan base is at the biggest its been since launch. Im not trying to argue but you really need to do your research js

    • @Joseph Tinker Was cross play confirmed?

    • @White Dastardly yes it was confirmed in july. When it’s coming idk. Destiny 3 isnt coming for years at least. Bungie said they was focusing on D2 for awhile. Thats why crosssave is coming because the new gen consoles are coming before D3. Theyre just overjoyed that Activision is gone

    • @Bob Seger forsaken was the only DLC worth buying
      also forsaken was under activision… Clearly you dont know the first thing about this game

    • @Joseph Tinker you probably werent playing Destiny in year 1
      Everything was a cashgrab
      Destiny had a little peak the past few monhts, but the year and a half before that it was a Ghosttown, it has been struggeling from the start

  20. Me: sees no activision logo at the start of trailer

    Also me: this… does put a smile on my face

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