Destiny 2 Locks Old Content Behind New DLC Purchase

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Curse of Osiris locks out of content previous accessible in the base game of Destiny 2. If you don't buy the DLC, you can't even 100% your achievement collection anymore.

Oh, and let's look at a new Bungie . Totally unrelated!


  1. Nice. The game all about the EndGame blocks you from that by making you require DLC to experience the supposedly most fulfilling part of the base game. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the meetings where they decide this bullshit. You can’teven get the platinum trophy without DLC anymore. Amazing.

  2. EA Nobody can be more hated than us
    ACTIVISION hold my beer

  3. Hey remember when expansions were actual expansions and not pieces of games cut off to be sold 3 months after release?

  4. John Christian Basiloña

    *At an Activision-Blizzard board meeting*

    “Okay guys…EA is getting all the attention that we should have with that masterfully done Star Wars Battlefield 2 marketing play…their subreddit post is the most downvoted in the history of reddit, multiple countries are now engaging their lawmaking bodies to investigate their MTX protocols and their shares have gone down to almost 4%…how can we top this without seeming like copycats?”

    “How about we cut off the old content from all our games and rebundle it into a DLC where you won’t get new items and progress to new levels without buying the DLC first hence effectively increasing the price of our game where they least expect it?”

    “hmm…not as groundbreaking as what EA has done…but it will do for now…meanwhile, let’s think up more ideas on how to outdo EA…I want that Worst Company Award and I want it yesterday! come on people show me some creative scumbaggery!”

  5. I feel so fucking vindicated. All my friends bought this and tried to get me to buy it. They’re fans of Sterling and experience the bullshit all themsleves first hand, and I roll up in the discord server like a big dick in a locker room and just hear the collective sigh of my friends as they play their shell game. Their sadness feeds me, and its fucking delicious!

  6. I won’t buy any of these donkey shit games that have micro transactions, loot boxes and deceptive DLC and fuck any publisher and developer who pushes this garbage on the gaming community, I guess I will be saving a ton of money in 2018 if these business practices continue to persist

  7. More reason to play Warframe. Need I say more?

  8. I hunt trophies this is exactly why i didnt buy this shit game, i knew they were going to lock off content and trophies cuz they did it in destiny 1,its bullshit i wont ever come back to this series, thank God for you jim covering this story and all the awesome wok u do

  9. Another day, another tripleAYYYY shitfest.

  10. Cala Maria Wants To Blow You!

    Jimbo do a twerk

  11. Fucking evil lil gremlins

  12. 6:28
    I paused and actually read that flowchart. I noticed there’s something even more evil than the the ‘find people that might want an item and match them with people that have said item’ part.
    If the player BUYS the item, the game then places them in a match where the item will be ‘effective’.
    This effectively suggests that they’re going to drop the people that buy into microtransactions into matches where few of the other players have, both to make sure that the player feels like they didn’t just waste $2 on a fucking haircut and to try to goad other players into paying $2 for a fucking haircut.
    There really is no bottom, is there?

  13. Gaming ain’t the fun it used to be… Guess I’ll be going back to minature games, it’s pricy as fuck but at least you get your money’s worth!

  14. MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    That is one of the best rip off dlc this year, I’m fact Destiny 2 should be an expansion to begin with

    It should be a fucking free content, everyone I asked think that it was fun and good but too short and definitely not worth the money

    Bungie fuck it up

  15. Lol wait, someone actually bought the dlc after being ripped off from buying the whole game?

  16. The AAA gaming industry just keeps managing to raise the bar higher and higher. no matter how much shit us consumers give them about this kind of crap.

  17. How about this: People are defending this shit on the forums…

    Yeah I know, just let that sink in…

  18. I still can’t believe anybody actually bought Destiny 2 after all the BS Activision pulled with the original Destiny. Are most gamers really this uninformed? DON’T believe the hype! Not for Destiny, and not for ANY GAME!

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