Destiny 2 Is In A Bad Place… And Publicly So

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Destiny 2 is said to be struggling by analysts, and the news is being picked up by more than game sites.


  1. Nice to see consumers are still biting back.
    It took longer than it should have but better late than never.

  2. rip Bungie

  3. InfluentialDiscovery

    What happened to Bungie? They were so well respected before Destiny came out. Everyone loved them. Now they’re a joke.

  4. Destiny 2 wouldn’t had been struggling if they idk… Stop treating their playerbase like a bunch of kids with an IQ reading lower than room temperature.

  5. “AAA” gaming is in a bad place!!! Indies will save gaming

  6. Destiny 3 is doomed.

  7. It is of course no surprise here, by over stepping their bounds they have effectively ruined any possible chance for the game to succeed. this is the price of greed and i hope they choke on it as i doubt they will learn any other way.

  8. Last night I had a dream where Jim was narrating my life. It was a good dream

  9. Bungie had one of the most profound falls from grace I’ve ever seen.

  10. Here’s a lesson: Ripping people off is fast money, but it will become very hard for you to keep robbing them.

  11. Everyone point and laugh at Bungie!

  12. “Warframe. Basically Destiny but good.”

    This is clearly scribbled in the Sterrrrrrrrrsssssssss.

  13. In The Mind of Kibara

    This feels soooooooo good.

  14. I wonder if Jim can still say “Triple A” in a normal voice at this point

  15. This is my favourite Anime arc

  16. Lol, WHAT ENDGAME?

  17. Get fuked bungie.

  18. I am ashamed to admit that I got sucked in initially by Destiny 2. The buyers regret has never been more real.

  19. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    I remember a time when people loved Bungie. Now they’re a complete joke. It’s so sad.

  20. Reality Productions

    Don’t give up the fight, and certainly pay no heed to the hateful emails. You do know that marketing companies get paid for “guerilla marketing” tactics a.k.a. flooding forums with shills, e-mailing threats to those who speak against the product, and other such scummy things that are sadly predominantly used in the tRipLe-A industry.

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