Destiny 2: Exploring Nessus’ Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Adventures – IGN First

Bungie gives us a sneak peek at what Nessus has to offer from finding Lost Sectors to the Public Event changes and what Adventures entail.

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  1. вligнтed ѕpiriт

    Can’t wait for D2, as a big fan of the first game who poured hundreds of hours I can’t wait.

  2. get ready guys you’re about to go in a comment section full of people who will always complain and never will be happy

  3. Hating on destiny is new meta

  4. Sooo patrols now have more content than all of D1?

  5. This looks cool

  6. I’m I the only one who is going to see if the lost sector is open😂😂again

  7. I just wanna see your tickets for the hype train 🚆

  8. This looks cool! September 6 can’t come soon enough!

  9. TheOctavariumTheory


    He didn’t ask you how you were doing.

  10. You know that the “First” trend needs to stop especially when the thumbnail for the video does it before anyone in the comments.

  11. This game is actually shaping up to look amazing. It blows my mind that so many people are still hating. At this point, what do they want?!? Sure D1 let us all down, but I’m not gonna hate on D2 yet, everything they are revealing is light years ahead of the first game.

  12. I need to stop watching these before i die of a hype overdose

  13. I’m disappointed there’s no cave I can shoot into for hours in the beta. I’m optimistic though.

  14. That dungeon chest is gonna give class items, useless legendary engrams and some materials

  15. Bring back Peter Dinklage

  16. Can’t wait for this game f$ck the haters

  17. Literally the only reason I subbed is for D2

  18. TheLegendarygamer01

    Patrols just got way more interesting, I mean we’re still mindlessly shooting a bunch of enemies but at least it has a purpose now. That was the biggest problem in D1 patrol it was all about shooting and collecting stuff. I kinda want them to bring back things like court of oryx and archon forge. And I Still wish we could have more than 3 people in your fireteam to go into patrols.

  19. Underrated Gamers

    As a Alpha player of Destiny I think I have been around long enough to say that this is exactly what we need. Each planet in Destiny has more content and repeatability than every planet combined from Destiny 1. And With the Patrols being much larger than their D1 counterparts id say it’s safe to bet this game will be perfect to us veterans and great for new players or returning fans.
    p.S Ign if you could release a Io exploration video that would be great 😉

  20. I love it so much that I can not wait any longer! Give it to me Give it to me

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