Dell Made a “Nintendo Switch” Gaming PC!

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Dell is NOT playing around at CES this year, and they are showing off some seriously awesome prototypes at the show…

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  1. You know they got into another level when you get an ad where Linus appears in a Linus Tech Tips video

  2. “I need this for taking notes in class” is probably the only way Alienwares get bought. Every Alienware laptop I’ve seen was bought with that excuse. My computer science classes were like being on a runway.

    • I use to bring mine to class in Grade 11 and 12. I worked all of that summer up north doing electrical, so i splurged and bought one.

      My English teacher got mad at me for playing GTA 5 in class. She only figured it out because everyone had slowly shifted their seats to end up behind me to watch.

      I also use to play in math when id finish up my work. (Essential math, so it was pretty easy to finish early.) My teacher was cool so he didn’t mind so long as id finished my stuff and wasn’t distracting everyone.

      I’d also bring my xbox one inside of my slightly modified G155 Sentry case and play that too before the laptop.

      Mostly did it for the meme.

    • Totally agree

  3. 5:58 This was actually very well done.

  4. No “like/dislike” message at the end of the video ? I thought this was a LTT video. Click bait alert !!! ?. ??

  5. “How big and hot do you want it?” I don’t know, the Shield got it right years ago…

    • No. Really, they didn’t. They got it cost to alright until your battery died. After that you either had to crack it open and install a battery that took two months to come over from China, or resign yourself to being tethered to a micro-USB. GeForce Now was great tho provided you were reasonably near a server and had a low latency router.

    • Null257 first, we’re talking about processor and video card, not batteries. Second, yes, they really did get it right. Because when it was discovered the batteries were a problem, they were replaced under warranty. I know, I own one. It’s still doing great. Would modifying the design of the handheld in the video to make the batteries removable make it bigger or hotter? No. So…?

  6. Brian's Late Night Whatever

    “How much power is in here?”
    *jet engine fan*

  7. Okay I kinda wanna know how it is to play F1 2019 on that after seeing it on the screen lol

  8. “It’s purely for scholary purposes” lol we know that ain’t true

  9. Project ufo: what could be better than the switch
    Project duet: a monitor with touch screen that you can break apart and share with a friend.
    Ori: a mobile fodable monitor with touch screen

  10. LTT: posts this video
    Also LTT: uses F1 2019 as sample

  11. I can still feel that someone has put gun on his head to host the show ????

  12. “oh man I am so stoked”
    Idk if I believe you…

  13. Linus: My puberty is finally over.
    Me: *hits puberty* My time has come.

  14. *”Switch” Gaming PC*
    *”This is just all on the Intel iGPU”*
    _This is truly the worst timeline_

  15. In 30 years when everyone will have this crap, they will reinvent the PC.

  16. dell: so you guys like nintendo huh
    – makes switch but with steam
    – makes ds but a laptop
    – makes ds but without the middle bit and also a laptop

  17. Ralph Greer_walker

    “why does it have RGB?”
    Me: “… It improves brain power?”

  18. Me: Mom I want a Nintendo switch
    Mom: We have Nintendo switch at home
    *Nitendo switch at home:*

  19. He still had the weirdly quick outro like before.

  20. “It’s purely for scholary purposes” lol we know that ain’t true

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