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Friends in Video:

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:
#fightinggames #indie #indiegame


  1. How do you not see you won it even said Greatos v2 won

  2. He saying fish man so lightly true OP fan

  3. If H20 Delirious has his fanart of the sexy jutsu Narutolirious…that would attract weebs’ attention lmao

  4. Would you consider starting a new playthrough of grounded wit cartoons n squirrel

  5. Who else is waiting for delirious to play naruto to boruto shinobi strikers

  6. I haven’t listened to H20 in some time now

  7. Just like cartoonz

  8. Tisoy2n Kurt Louie onofre

    Hey delirious are you going back to the last of us is our childhoods I don’t know if the part lll will come out tho please play back the game

  9. This was so goofy.

  10. No Mercy x 유령Modz

    Lol i noticed the Naruto reference and i got very nervous.
    Literally my brain: “oh god….. pls dont be what i think it isss”

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