Dekar Making the BEST toplaner NA ragequit

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  1. 3 things happened to me today.
    1. My friend said he doesn’t like Dekar.
    2. My friend got hit by a bus and died.
    3. I lost my bus licence…

  2. Leonardo can win an oscar but hashinshin still can’t win lane.


  3. all i see is a trash NA challenger with high ego win against an other trash
    NA challenger and beeing proud of it, really interesting

  4. I’m fukin done with ur shoutings really, i cant hold it anymore,
    unsuscribed and dislike sry bro

  5. I guess its harder to feed on darius then it is to play riven

  6. Yet Darius was bot when they called afk, mkay.

  7. Is it possible to know the song playing from 3:30 onward?

  8. >Riven is low skill cap
    >Plays Darius

  9. Made me giggle, thanks

  10. 1:52 “and trick did golems kappa” lmao

  11. This video is loud as fuck

  12. I mean, fuck Riven though, she is a bullshit champion.

  13. how is this guy the best top laner in NA? stop making up stuff


  15. Hashinshin the “”BEST TOP LANER NA”” Sucks big fat juicy black dick

  16. oh Thank you i fucking hate this trash tier top laner who shit talks every
    jgle on his team. LONG LIVE HASHINSHIT

  17. every riven main have the same shitty songs playing the background wtf:D

  18. That song… That’s boxbox’s… please bitch.

  19. This happened right after we had like an hour long discussion about suicide

  20. Thank you for putting hashitshit in his place. I’ll be eagerly awaiting his
    whiny post complaining about Riven on reddit

  21. intro volume way too high wtf man…

  22. This just gets better Dekar. All the fan boys come over here and make
    comments and dislike the video, and then give your vid more views than your
    last 10 videos combined. Well, THEY SHOWED YOU DEKAR. He’ll have to wipe
    those tears with some of them dollar bills.

  23. 3:49 The jokes on you look at bottom minimap another proof NA challangers=
    Kr Bronze GG

  24. this video was funny until the stupid words showed up and the spiderman
    scene. Tries way too hard to be funny

  25. グレゴリスコット

    I think I watched Hash’s stream for about 40 seconds, and it was just him
    bitching about how “…Devourer is the most broken item Riot has ever
    released.” Is he always this sad? Basically the only other thing I know
    about him is that he mains Darius, and he appears to rage a lot.

  26. Why the hate to Dekar? xD


  28. shitty video


  30. I want to post your video on my page!! Im linking your channel either,


  32. Lol all the butthurt fanboys coming out to support their main rager Hash.

  33. how fucking loud does ur intro have to be holy shit my ears

  34. Riven players saying Riven is hard, non Riven players saying shes easy,
    everyone saying a challenger player respected in high elo for 6 seasons is
    bad, all the while these players are sitting at gold 5 at best, hilarious.

  35. First time watching one of your videos.
    1. Fawk your intro.
    2. Text on black screen? just put it over gameplay.
    3. Fawk riven
    4. Darius was bot, misleading title to attract viewers.
    5. Never been annoyed at any youtuber until now.
    6. Dude fix your intro.
    7. fuck ur introoo

  36. AnotherYoutubeGamer

    so is bandit on riven a thing I should be doing?

  37. Your laughter is one of the best parts of this video lol

  38. Ahahahahahahahahhaahha :’) u make me cry ahahahah

  39. if riven is so easy why does he kellnex pop up when i take one out?


  40. Love your laugh mate xD

  41. I can’t belive that guy is callenger, he did awful almost every game on
    that stream…

  42. RIP headphone user unsubs + unliked

  43. You should include song name in desc. For all those that want to know: TheFatRat – Time Lapse

  44. Song is TheFatRat- Time Lapse if you’re curious

  45. The Place Where We Go

    so basically a soloq cheese play.

  46. but riven is a low skill cap

  47. Hahhaah holy shit Hash has downs

  48. meanwhile hashinshin is like: “Armor? Naah…”

  49. “Riven is easy champ” – guy who plays Darius
    clap clap clap

  50. Screw hashinshit. Good video.

  51. This was about the best editing I have ever seen in any lol related
    content. Great explanation of all relations, beautiful timing – just great.
    If you were not a dirty rengo main I probably would have followed you on
    everything, but for the time being, take my thumbs up.

  52. Watched 28 seconds, holy fck you are annoying.

  53. i feel like theres only 2 kinds of riven players:
    1. autists
    2. autists that try defend riven as a champion, no matter how irrational
    their reasoning is, just to defend their oversized egos

  54. Mark “Xiantao” Death

    1:40 LOL

  55. what a asshole lol

  56. what’s the second song playing? for when he’s stomping

  57. lol that guy have some next level salt xD XD

  58. “That’s Rich”……… How noob can a riven player be…..

  59. I enjoyed the video

  60. Why the dislikes? :(

  61. Lol, a darius user saying that riven is the easiest champ to play.
    Hashitshit really is dumb as fck

  62. who is hashinshin?

  63. The constant text ruined it

  64. boring video tbh… fucking reddit frontpage sucks

  65. yes riven is retarded champ, giving her only ad ratio is dumb af

  66. best top na Kappa

  67. This intro…

  68. undoubtably hash is a douche and complains about stuff but this video is
    just really disrespectful and inappropriate. downvoted

  69. hashitshit just sucks,glad to see he is so mad

  70. He said report him hes afk, when u can clearly see darius is bottom lane.

  71. dekar can you fuking upload another video of you fighting against
    hashinshin .. im watching your stream right now and that game hashinshin
    (jax) and his jungler cloudnguyen(elise) please 😀 but i stopped cos my
    internot socks gg

  72. #riventakesnoskill2016

  73. Lmao the unneccesary hate in the comments is insane so many low elo players
    showing their knowledge .. Funny af

  74. what sup with all the dislikes lol

  75. whats the name of that whistle song he uses ?

  76. wtf intro is way too loud

  77. Why is everyone so fucking salty in the comments?

  78. that was rude , espacially from riven players , disliked

  79. Terrible fucking intro.

  80. lot of salty wanks in the comments

  81. dekar u must be rly a cocky kid to make a video like wonder it has
    so many dislikes

  82. Just a question, why did you “stop” to play rengar ?

  83. 01:41 “santa isn’t real” i died because i’m sure he’s actually said it

  84. wtf is up with these dislikes lol

  85. i love how Hashinshin complains about noobchamps but his most played champ
    is Jax xD

  86. video not really truthful because when they say “afk ragequit” you can
    still clearly see him playing the game.


  88. 1) he didn’t age quit .
    2) your jungler deliberately camps him to make him tilt
    3) the lvl 2 cheese is the reason you won the lane
    4) his jungler didn’t gank
    5) riven takes skill when your champion pool has more than riven and rengar

  89. whats the name of the song at 2:41?

  90. Next time try to just add some text to the video, half of the video is a
    black screen with you typing non sense (Yes, I know is because hashinshin
    talks non sense)

  91. I don’t know what’s more autistic, the music choice when you think you’re
    making plays? Idk, I think that’s what that was, or your annoying way of
    just ignoring the fact that Elise is going to gank earlier than an Udyr.
    But that’s irrelevant because it doesn’t fit your agenda :)))))

  92. who the fuck r these guys and why is this at the top of 9gag

  93. ap rengar pls

  94. I’m both dekar and hash fan, still found this funny ROFL

  95. WAAAA the Darius who takes no skill at all and has zero complexity said
    riven who can form multiple combos said no skill??/ :O

  96. almost stroked out from that intro

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