Death Stranding – Weird Nonsense, Die-Hardman, Good Ladders (OMGH)

A new massive trailer for Death Stranding launched this week, so here’s a stupid trailer reaction video.

Directed by Hideo Kojima, the game looks as polished as it does confusing. Something about a baby ghost modem, World War I spookies, and lots of Mads Mikkelsen.

Also, a portable ladder? Best idea ever. Die-Hardman? Best NAME ever!

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  1. Let’s do it, I can’t wait !!
    And who isn’t a fan of Mads Mikkelsen, the dude is charming and brilliant.

  2. _I dont mind Jim calling his fanbase “The Dong Rockets”._

  3. “We can confirm walking is in the game.” 🙂 Classic Jim.

  4. hi dad, thank you for noticing me. love, dong rocket.

  5. Well this trailer clears up every question I had.

  6. Die-Hardman is the unsung hero of videogames

  7. Jim would be right at home in one of those hazmat suits🌝

  8. Die-Hardman..

    We can confirm who Jim will dress as for Halloween ? 🙂

  9. 6:14 a rare genuinely scared jim. save it on your hard-drive.

  10. Well there was Apocalyptica so I’m mandated by law to like this video

  11. Kojima has built a ladder straight to Jim’s heart and he’s bringing Die Hardman with’em.

  12. So Jim whens the Die-Hardman cosplay?

  13. “We want verticality. We want to go there. Up. And quickly.” – Jim sterling, president of space.

  14. Daryl is on a motorcycle, everything makes sense again!

  15. Knights of the Nine

    Die-Hard Man sounds like a Willem Dafoe pitch.

  16. The Sapphire Carbuncle

    Jim cosplaying as DIEHARD-MAN confirmed?

  17. I expect Jim to get and wear the collectable bridge baby in a video.

  18. Alejandro Martinez

    My mind is even more stranded after watching this.

  19. Intense Apocalyptica music playing to a guy climbing a ladder.

    Based Kojima, never stop Kojiming.

  20. ‘Its good that Troy Baker has got a job.’

    I actually laughed out loud good work

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