Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

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DEATH STRANDING will be available November 8, 2019. Learn more:


  1. And I thought that understanding Metal Gear Solid was hard

  2. Sextus The Vampire

    Another Kojima mindfuck game that i ll only understand everything after 15 years? SIGN ME UP PLEASE

  3. Muhammad Rizal Shidiq

    Me: So what’s this game about?

    Kojima: Yes


  4. Knowing this is a Kojima game, I have no clue what this game is about.
    After this trailer I understand less.
    *I bet after I play through it, I will understand even less…*

  5. UPS vs DHL: The Amazon Shipments War

  6. I don’t understand a thing but there is Mads Mikkelsen smoking and that’s enough.

  7. 1:51
    Hi, Billy Mays here for The Little Giant Ladder!

  8. Kojima, what is your new game about?

    Kojima: yes

  9. “Walking Simulator”, they said. At least we’ll have a ladder to help us out.

  10. Every time a trailer drops for this game I become MORE confused than I was before.

  11. That dude from Hannibal: *You can go wherever you want, even the moon*

    Me: *REEEEEE*

  12. EA: after six years we finally made it, ANTHEM is now available!

    Kojima: *pulls out death stranding in 3 years*

    EA: what are we even doing here..

  13. Unlimited Velocity

    8:32 bottom right corner.
    Edited by the man himself…

  14. idk wtf’s going on, but this looks amazing.

  15. interviewer: so how would you describe this game?
    Kojima: Yes

  16. I feel so lucky to be alive during Hideo Kojima’s time.

  17. Everyone: this game is about time travel, babysitting or fighting ghost?

    Kojima: yes

    *Hype intensified*

  18. Hideo Kojima : yes

    Me wat . . ?

    Death Stranding : absolutely yes

  19. Nobody:

    Kojima: The camera go *inside* the *unborn fetus*
    Me: *Kojima please no.*

  20. Michael johnson

    Thanks kojima. Mindfuck 2019. Can we change the name to that?

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