Dead Cells – Dead Cellabration (Jimpressions)

Dead Cells really is that good! A bit of Dark Souls, a bit of The Binding of Issac, a bit of a Metroidvania, but all Dead Cells.

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  1. [insert plagiarism joke here]

  2. Yayyyy new Jimpression! Love that this game is also great. 😀

  3. Hope this isn’t like the IGN review… I mean, the Boomstick Gaming review. 🙂

  4. Dead Cells Vs Hollow Night Vs Axiom Verge

  5. Something something plagiarism joke

  6. It Came From A Box

    Regretting buying it digital because it’s become a favorite and I can’t display it on a shelf now ._.

  7. You can’t write plagiarising without ign. 😎

  8. I think the game looks like something I’d definitely be into. Going to check it out.

  9. Liquid_Refreshment

    Jim plagiarized this video from the future, so when the actual video comes out he can claim it’s revenue as his own

  10. Kings and Generals

    Plagiarism is bad, of course, but I am happy that it happened with this game. Hopefully, this scandal will give the developers many new sales.

  11. Plagerism

  12. Great review ! Feels familiar though… did you steal it from IGN’s very original review ? I hope not as they put a lot of work and effort into that review.

  13. Can’t wait for his Jimpression of Hollow Knight now.

  14. The Dark Souls of journalistic plagiarism.

  15. Alex Yang-Nikodym

    yall keep stealing that plagiarism joke, come up with your own you plagiarists!


  16. Videos been out for four minutes and I’ve already lost track of the number of plagiarism jokes.

  17. there is no way a side scrolling game is good.. show me why, it does not look that great, its a side scroller witch i hate.. i dont see how its fun. talk me into buying it tonight please

  18. Need this until Guacamelee 2… then king of cards whenever the hell that happens…

  19. Can you post a link to the original review?

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