Darksiders III – DarkSoulsSiders (Jimpressions)

Darksiders used to be a damn good copy of Zelda. Now it’s a damn awful ripoff of Dark Souls. Yet another game that doesn’t understand why the Souls series is successful, THQ Nordic’s heartbreaking Darksiders III annoys and exasperates at every turn.

On top of that, it’s a stripped down sequel, thoroughly reduced in scale compared to Darksiders II… and the first Darksiders, for that matter! It’s ugly, its performance is horrible, and goes so far in cloning Dark Souls it even starts stealing lore and terminology. Utter garbage.


  1. Alright, let’s answer this quick because the comments will be full up with people asking why this is reuploaded (even though people will STILL ask it after I post this):

    It bothers me when I get things wrong in an unrepresentative way, even if it’s a little thing, and I criticized the currency in this game being called Souls, when they were called that in the original game. I reuploaded the video to add that context, as it’s one thing I can’t fairly blame on Darksiders III. That part, not so much a ripoff (the way Souls are used in this one, however…). Anyway, I fixed that to be fair.

    The rest of it, as far as I’m concerned, IS fair, and I will not be at home to the bargaining and denial I was met with in the last comment section. 😀

  2. First minute he complains about the removal of the open world + the loot drops, two of the primary contributions to Darksiders 2 being painfully mediocre, then goes on to tell me the game is trash. ok then…
    Then complains that the combat system is mimicking Dark Souls (a good combat system), something that was just OK in the originals AND then proceed to call the combat fun?
    ok then…
    Not even a brief mention of the world building or character writing, the foundation of what made the original Darksiders excellent.
    ok then…
    Darksiders was a zelda game with ok combat and an awesome world, something that isn’t even addressed here. It honestly feels like he didn’t even play the original?

    I haven’t played Darksiders 3, but this first impression literally glorified everything that was either straight up bad or just ok from the other games and completely ignored what gave the games merit in the first place.

  3. So there’s no horse in the gameplay, yet they’ve just released a trailer that focuses entirely on the horse. Fools.

  4. Jim I think You are a little bit to harsh on this game. To harsh

  5. Can’t disagree more. Darksiders 3 goes back to basics and trims off the highly criticised fluff Darksiders 2 brought to the series. The Metroidvania style open world is engaging and fun to weave through and the combat is challenging and exceptionally rewarding. No clue what rubbed you the wrong way on this one. Calling it regressive when it’s removing features largely hated by the fanbase and replacing them with meaningful progression seems baffling to me. Ah well, opinions are opinions. Shame you don’t like it 🙁 I’m absolutely loving it so far.

  6. Most fans of Darksiders want this game to be a success, not because the game is good or enjoyable, but because they want to play as Strife (the last horsemen) in Darksiders 4.

  7. Give this game a chance we need to see the last horsemen!!

  8. just looked like old god of war

  9. At least they tried.Not like Bethesda.

  10. Hidden Gems Reviews

    It looks like a solid $25-$30 purchase to me, as I do enjoy these kinds of games, but have a hard time wanting to spend $60 on something that appears to have little replay value after you’ve completed it the first run around.

    The lack of loot drops really does it in for me, as even God of War PS4 has a NG+ option with new loot and gear for your second run.

    Still, in a landscape swarmed with countless forgettable open world titles, I’d take a game that’s reeled back a bit.

  11. Nowdays people will relate everything to dark souls just because it has a dodge button even though zelda did it way earlier

  12. Gormathius Nightstrider

    Why do you keep going on and on about how this random game plays? Get to the Dark Ciders already!

  13. I thought the first game was more a God of War clone rather than Zelda!

  14. Hoooooly shit. Opinions are actually divided for a change. Kinda miss the days when games weren’t either universally praised or universally loathed.

    Let’s hear it for games that some people kinda like and some people kinda hate! Bless you all, I wish there were more of you.

  15. Wow, totally disagree with Jim on this one. Calling himself a “fan” with such complete ignorance of this series is a bit much.
    The game definitely has some gripes but this is in no way a “Dark Souls” rip off. Now every Dark Souls fandom are gonna spell out this nonsensical BS.
    You’ve done great with criticizing gaming industry as whole but your game reviews are totally hit & miss. THIS IS YOUR HELLBLADE in 2018 JIM, REMEMBER THAT GAME!!!

  16. I pretty much always agree with Jim in all of his videos, but not this time. A lot of what he’s saying doesn’t really make much of any sense given any context of the series and it’s core gameplay elements.

    He mentions how it was fine in previous entries that they were “ripping off” the LOZ series, but now that this game is “ripping off Dark Souls” that makes it bad all of a sudden. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from a different video game series, practically every game since the 6th generation of consoles (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) has done exactly that. Ripping off a video game series is something entirely different, and has been something this series has never done. I don’t even know if he played the same series as me after watching this video.

    What exactly was “Dark Souls” about any of this game really? The combat? No stamina meter, and it’s much more fast paced, with no parries and back-stabs to speak of. The series has always been, and still *is* hack-n-slash. He mentions how little enemies off-screen hit him, but that happened in previous entries as well, as it does in most if not all hack-n-slashes. You have to actively be on the move while still keeping a strong combo going and doing tons of damage. That’s how the genre’s gameplay works and functions. None of the combat in the video suggested otherwise. Just mostly unskilled gameplay on his part.

    He mentions how there is no loot/gear drops anymore, but I didn’t really find that to be a big deal from all the footage I’ve seen of the game. There’s nothing saying that the series *HAS* to continue onward from 2 with that formula. It went back to the first game’s loot/item system, which I am perfectly fine with.

    He also mentions a lack of open world, and while I haven’t seen a whole lot of the traveling aspect of the game, from what I *have* seen, that bit *also* is them going back to the first game’s formula (albeit a bit different considering that it *may or may not be* condensed down slightly more than that with no horse. But that’s not really too big of a deal as you really only used the horse in the first game in context-sensitive areas and 2 bosses anyways.) Again, not a bad thing, just a preference. I loved both the first and second games’ worlds, and one not being like the other didn’t make me at all dislike the other. Maybe the dev team just preferred the original game’s two formulas on these two aspects of the game, or maybe they did it as a response to community feedback. But does it *really* matter either way, unless you largely preferred the second over the first or vice versa? I personally don’t at all think so.

    The only thing that I can kind of agree with him on is the leveling system, as I feel kind of apprehensive about it as I haven’t played the game myself yet to figure out how I ultimately feel about it. From how he described it and from what he showed of it, you can only level through feeding souls to Vulgrim. It’s a different system from the second game where you leveled entirely through quests and killing enemies and bosses, and different still from the original where you only got stronger by leveling up your weapons by using one of the 3 weapon types for a lengthy period of time/killing X amount of enemies, got more HP by collecting enough Lifestones, and getting a greater max Wrath/magic bar by collecting Wrath shards.

    He kind of mentions in passing the game’s graphics being bad/outdated as I’ve seen others do, and it’s bullshit. The series has *always* had a more artistic, slightly comic book-esk look to it. Just look at the non in-game cutscenes. While certain elements of the series’ graphics have had a great deal of realistic detail, that doesn’t mean that that was the look they were overall going for.

    Last thing I wanted to touch on in this comment is the bosses. He shits all over the bosses, but from the 2 I’ve seen, they seem to fit right in with bosses in the previous entries. If one has a bone to pick with the one’s in this game or thinks they’re bad, then odds are they didn’t like bosses in the first two games. They seem fairly mechanic heavy with phases. I honestly don’t see the issue with them personally.

  17. I mean, I hated the loot and the open world in Darksiders 2, so I can’t say I’m unhappy with them being gone.
    I still have to play this one tho, so my criticism is of little value

  18. The game looks fine to me I’m buying it.

  19. Now this is a good title

  20. Can we please stop the whole rip-off nonsense the second there are some similarities?
    Yes Dark Souls brought some of this stuff to life but it doesn’t got a freaking patent on game mechanics so it’s not automatically a rip-off the second another game does it.
    This is the DOOM-clone crap all over again.

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