DARK SOULS III – Dying A Coward’s Death

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Venom is in this game I think.

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  1. Jonathan Villarreal

    Pretty sure that Darkbeast Paarl fight would have been just as good on an
    optional “invincible” mode right? Because of course it would be, difficulty
    in gameplay has nothing to do with an experience.

  2. You are shit at fucking Dark Souls.

    I’m shit at fucking Dark Souls.

    We are all shit at fucking Dark Souls.

    People who say they are good can fuck off.

    I’m a zuukini, eat me bitch!

  3. I managed to get one of my friends to play bloodborne. After I told him
    about the hunter axe and charge attacks, he said I ruined the game for him.

  4. The end is so epic XD

  5. Well it looks like a dark soul game, it plays like a dark soul games, it
    seems quite fun to play. What more do you want?

    I like how the first boss just waits there. You have to pull out the sword
    [and later use it in a certain spot] that.. is just nasty. You just know
    that pulling out that sword isn’t good news.

    Also the undead worshipping the sun. That is.. or whatever they are
    worshipping. That is..geesh! Should you kill them?

  6. Cameron Shuttlewood

    This was pretty light on spoilers, Jim doesn’t mention any new game
    mechanics or anything like that, I was worried about them myself but braved
    it. Of course just being able to see a small chunk of the world/some
    enemies and 2 new items (without the descriptions) might be considered too

  7. what platform is he playing on?

  8. fuck your shit at dark souls jim :/

  9. can we have another demon souls game?

  10. I find it promising, don’t get me wrong, but I preferred the slower combat
    and the down to earth animations of 2. I really didn’t like bloodbourne for
    many reasons, I thought dark Souls was fine, and demons Souls, just, just

  11. I think you’re good enough to watch, Jim Fucking Sterling! Way to go!

  12. As soon as I clicked this video I got a notification saying newest
    Podquisition, We Have Dark Souls 3, downloaded.

  13. You’re shit at Dark Void!

  14. Is it me or does Bloodborne actually look a bit better from a graphical

  15. Very fitting death at the end lol

  16. I don’t think you could have written a more perfect ending than that.

  17. Did Jim check out Salt and Sanctuary? looks like a good 2D dark souls.

  18. All the undead seen taller than the player character, so all the backstabs
    become buttstabs

  19. Yup, more of this please.

  20. Camo Mile (cam0mile)

    Thank you, God for Jim fucking Sterling son!

  21. Adam Al- Cryax, Curse

    id love some more Dark souls 3 footage, cuz’ i’m too pleb to play it meself

  22. You know there is nothing going on

    Jim is just being sued for a million dollars.
    Noooooooo biggy

  23. “Beautifully bleak” is a good phrase, very much in tune with the gothic
    aspects of the game.

  24. Mako The Spider Queen

    Dark Souls 3 better have a witch outfit set, gotta have my fashion souls

  25. I kind of like how the death animations are understated in Souls games.
    When the PC dies, it actually seems like they died but it’s never dramatic.
    They just start to slowly fall to their knees like you’d expect.

  26. Please do a video on Atari and the mess of a game RCTW.
    They are now even selling it in physical stores even though it cannot be
    They have also suddenly added some tiny disclaimer that barely anyone has
    noticed that suggests it is early access.

  27. demon souls — get rekked

  28. And then Jim shoved a sword up a dude’s ass, and all was right in the

  29. Wanna hear a joke? Jim’s Dark Souls skills! #rekt

  30. the aesthetic is closer to bloodborne than darksouls 2.

  31. What level is your character at there Jim?

  32. Professional Killstreak Commentator

    I never played any of the Souls games, but I’ve seen footage of all of them
    (including BloodBorne), and is it just me, or does this game look far too
    much like Dark Souls II? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it but
    as far as my limited vision goes, this looks like more like a remastering
    than a sequel. Feel free to correct me if you’re a hardcore Souls fan, I
    would love an answer.

  33. @12:01 Jim’s first run in with a penis


  34. (guy makes noise on the street)
    Jim: Are you making noise?
    guy: well uh, ye…
    Jim: well stop because I’M TRYING TO DO A VIDEO!

  35. I thought you did well, but then again I still haven’t played the first
    yet, but it’s in my steam library.

  36. Ummmm I thought darksouls was supposed to be hrs hes one shoting enemies

  37. I, to put it in words, despised Dark souls 1 and 2. I haven’t played Demon
    souls, nor do I want to. I never got the appeal of those games and could
    never figure out why anyone would like them
    I was skeptical of Bloodborne, but its now my second favorite game of all
    time(Fallout new vegas being No.1)
    And when Dark Souls 3 was announced I rolled my eyes and didn’t care. Now
    that I’ve seen game play, It looks fucking Brilliant! Fast paced, tight
    controls, the enemies look brilliant and MORE. Such an improvement over the
    other Souls Games. Really looking forward to it!
    This is all my opinion, keep that in mind.

  38. every one like this commet so jim can read it I found a game you could
    reviewhttp://store.steampowered.com/app/421040/?snr=1_5_9__300 If link
    doesn’t work the game is called plantera

  39. usually I just put on your videos and then do something else on my other
    screen, I actually watched the entire thing this time… and you’re better
    at souls than I am

  40. The fan base of these games are fucking putrid and poisonous. It wouldn’t
    matter if someone were destroying the hardest boss in the game within the
    span of 10 seconds without getting hit once. There will always be some
    asshole commenting along the lines of “What a scrub! I beat the boss before
    I was even born in less than a nanosecond without even touching the game or
    the remote/keyboard-mouse. STEP UP TO MY MLG PRO 1337 LEVEL BRO!”

  41. To be honest, I haven’t played any of the souls or borne games ( I’m not
    masochistic enough …. I’m also broke 😛 )

  42. Jim. What the fuck happening? Why every fucker made a video about your
    problems with digital homoside
    There like 20 new chanellswith 1-5 subscribers and 100 view who wants to
    ride on your drama fame.

  43. looks like shit

  44. You’re amazing Jim. You always brighten up my day. Also if it’s worth
    anything I think you’re pretty good at this game. I play similarly so I
    must say this even if it’s a lie for both of us ;P

  45. It looks good, but not nearly as good as Bloodbourne, visually speaking. I
    don’t understand that.

  46. Delawrence Perkins

    Those Venom Ekans Aybss Parasite things are terrifying.

  47. hey Jim your great from zeek

  48. When Jim started fighting the boss how many people thought “Great another
    fucking dude in armor” before it went tentacle monster?

  49. I can happily admit that Dark Souls has a great world design, telling a lot
    about the culture of people who built it (mostly on the endurance of said
    people because damn there is so much stuff to climb up and down to go to
    the mess !).
    But saying that Square games are not as good in that regard is purely
    foolish. I don’t play every one of them (I miss a lot tbh, me being poor as
    hell), but I at least play main FFs, etc. If you talk architecture, art,
    decoration, structure, etc. those are the shit ! Even in FFX and XII, at
    the PS2 era. What every wall design, what every nearly undecipherable
    writing, what every bit of hidden ruins hidden in the snow or in vines have
    to tell us is actually hugely detailed… if you can piece it together.
    FFXII in particular is a cultural orgasm with highly coherent fantasy.
    And if you dare saying me that piecing something together is shit as an
    argument to say that Dark Souls is better than FF, it’s evidence that you
    aren’t a fan of Dark Souls in the first place…

    Aside from that, those parasites effect in Dark Souls 3 are wonderful !
    There, I can gladly give the best score to Souls against FF monster design
    (and graphics !).

  50. Not going to watch the video, but listening. I agree 100% about the
    “beautifully bleak” comment, but what you’re describing is just the overall
    atmosphere (Demon’s Souls). It’s very oppressive and evokes feelings of
    isolation and despair. As good as Bloodborne was with its gameplay, the
    aesthetic got really dull for me after seeing so many cathedrals and spires
    everywhere. Not enough variety, and it was essentially two-toned for
    atmosphere. Demon’s Souls had the best atmosphere of the series so far
    (been on a DS3 blackout).

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