DARK SOULS III – Chaos And Concords In PvP

Oh yeah I did another video.


  1. stopaskingmynamegoogle


  2. Jim is gonna quit doing game reviews and become a Dark Souls Streamer.

  3. Don’t you think you’re posting dark souls content a bit too much, Jim?

    You know, like a madman?

  4. All this talk of hacking and Jim has the nerve to upload a video of him
    clearly having hacked the game to get the Blue Sentinels Covenant to
    actually work! Scumbag

  5. -“Ooooh, Jim uploaded a video”…
    [Notices it’s DS3]
    -“Oh For fuck sake”.

  6. So, what’s the next game you are looking forward to?

  7. Nobody cares, Jimbo.

  8. If people want an estus free duel they should join an fc group. Never
    expect a random to play nice.

  9. I don’t have the patience for that kinda shit. If someone ever does this to
    me, I just unplug the ethernet cable and reconnect and continue with my
    fucking game. Referring to the third fight.

  10. Am i the only one that wants more Dark Souls 3 videos?

  11. Jim, use a giant seed on people who wait for mobbs to hit you.

  12. am I the only one who wits for a host to kill all the enemies before I
    fight them one on one?

  13. MartyVendetta27

    now they complain about healing too? i’m really starting to hate the
    “hardcore” Dark Souls community.

  14. I dont play dark souls , but I have never had a single bad time in any
    online play on the PC. never. (been playing online on PC sins 1999)
    however on my short time spent on console every single match was full of
    whining teens and racists biggots.
    However it could have been due to the time I was playing (4-6PM).

    but on PC I find that every game has a code of honor that is massive.

  15. …Geez….
    The game lets you heal.
    If you heal, you’re following the rules.

    You did a video about this, Jim!!!

  16. Frankly, when people do this to me I simply gesture a farewell and proceed
    to close and reopen the game. Saves a lot of time and doesn’t give them any
    satisfaction. I then go about my merry way in more or less the same place
    and state I was before the invasion.

  17. Of course console pussyboys are Estus’ing in pvp

  18. Actually, the whole “code of honour” thing goes back all the way to Demon’s
    Souls and was raised out of practicality more than anything else. All that
    grass munching could drag the fights down for ages. So there was a general
    rule of thumb of no healing, and plenty of fight clubs where people simply
    used second chance as a starting buff. The entrance to the Shrine of Storms
    was usually the place of choice.

    It also carried on in DS1, and having never played on PC, I certainly have
    seen a lot of honourable dueling going on in my Souls days.

    The most common rule of thumb is, if the other guy wants a duel, I’ll give
    him a duel, if he duels and heals, no reason for me not to, if he doesn’t,
    then I don’t. When invaded, though, there’s no quarter given and no quarter

    Also, for annoying pricks who lick to hide behind the mobs, Seed of a tree
    of Giants is the way to go.

  19. I’ve been looking for the halberd for about 3 weeks now, Jim please where
    did you obtain it?

  20. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    I disliked. I liked what I have played of the Dark Souls series but am sick
    of seeing Jim cover this game so much. LOL! Also to be honest I didn’t
    understand some of the stuff he was talking about in parts of the video
    which made it harder to get through. Also with medieval/fantasy type stuff
    I am more interested in PVE than PVP so don’t really enjoy videos like
    this. Anyway Jim congrats on the victories and the guy falling off the
    bridge and dying was pretty funny and ironic. I did enjoy that. I also like
    how you died with honour in that one other fight too. Eh so I guess the
    video wasn’t all bad but yes I would prefer to see less of Dark Souls.

  21. I love the game but stay away from pvp, is it normal that the mobs are
    ignoring your attacker?

  22. Why are all the bad PvP invaders wearing fallen knight armor and using a
    katana + shield?

  23. I’ve been playing for about 20 hours and never had an invader. Anybody know

  24. Man, Jim would hate my Mound Maker invasions. I wear the Untrue Dark Ring
    and/or use Chameleon to hide with enemies, and at the least opportune
    moment toss an Undead Hunter Charm and poke for a shackle. And I am
    obscenely patient. yesterday I stayed hidden in someone’s game for an hour
    before they added me as a friend just to ask me where I was.

  25. FullMetalWhiteboy

    honestly tho if you’re invading for 20 minutes when the host obviously
    isn’t following you into a group of enemies you should probably get a life.

  26. Oh I love invaders who try to lead you into enemies. I just pop a Giant
    Tree Seed and let the fucker kill enemies for me until they get tired and
    face me or just bail out like a coward. :D

  27. Honor is for fight clubs. If you’re invading or being invaded the only
    objective is win.

  28. jim, if you go to pvp meta level 120 or so, and summon reds from the soap
    stone, there is usually no healing.

  29. not giving you shit for Estusing, BUT from the PVP I’ve done on the PS4,
    every time I show that I am downing all my estus flasks, my opponent does
    the same, so there is a code of honour there.

  30. So when I get told to “git gud” it means “sit in the same spot and wait for
    an enemy to get so bored of waiting that they agree to fight on terms
    heavily in your favour”?

  31. no but seriously watch some videos on how to be good at pvp

  32. The Examined Life (of Gaming)

    I’ve played on PC exclusively, and I have seen not one iota of an honor

    Invaders utterly refuse to attack and just try to get you killed by
    monsters. Invasions are a tremendous waste of time as a result. They also
    estus at the drop of a hat.

  33. FrankieSmileShow

    The no-healing thing was much more important in Dark Souls 2, when healing
    was a much bigger issue, it really made fights last forever back then.
    Someone with heavy armor could just stand there and double-chug heal in the
    middle of a fight, with basically no drawbacks. I don’t feel healing is as
    much of a problem in DS3, you need much more of an opportunity to do it.
    That said, if you are invaded while just trying to progress in the game,
    dont feel bad about healing. Invaders then are just more obstacles on your
    way to the next boss or bonfire, there is no reason to handicap yourself
    against them.

  34. I’ve been playing since the day DeS dropped, but if I’m playing with a
    friend the code of conduct goes right out the window. You can inconvenience
    me by killing me alone, but I’m going to do my best to make sure I don’t
    inconvenience my friend!

  35. This could have been solved by just using one giant seed.

  36. Would you say that your soul has been darkened by your online experiences,

  37. I find it really fucking hilarious you only showed the clips in which you

  38. Edgaras Mickevicius

    Jims known addiction list:

    Dark Souls

  39. +Jim Sterling, I’ve had honorable summons on PS4, I run mound maker
    currently. Just the other day I was summoned into a co-op game where my
    summoner knew full well what I was. We bowed in honor and began our bout.
    About 2 minutes into our spar we were invaded. I put away my gear and
    backed away from my opponent. He took the hint and we worked together to
    take down the phantom, I saved the host’s ass twice, as is knight’s honor.
    We finished the phantom off and Estus up. We took a final bow to each other
    and charged. Our dance lasted a mere ten moves and I was ultimately cut
    down. But being the honorable host they sent me off with a dignified bow.
    That was my favorite PvP bout so far.

  40. Ah Jim, I don’t think that was Lag. He was rolling when you hit him, you
    likely just got really unlucky and weren’t able to hit him out of the I

  41. I’m with you with healing. I’ll let the other person heal first, afterwards
    all healing etiquette is off. The one exception is if I’m being ganked. You
    gank, I heal.


  43. MushyBird McMushington (the Mushiest of Birds)

    You don’t need to justify healing when you’re not in a fight club. If
    someone INVADES your world to kill you, they’d better be prepared to play
    by your rules. The only time you should follow duel rules is when you’ve
    summoned someone to fight in your world, or if you’ve been summoned to a
    fight club.

  44. Isn’t the first blue guy an NPC invader? That’s not PvP.

  45. Jim have you played Nioh yet?

  46. Mr. Charles Smith

    Do more DS PvP videos!

  47. glad to c JS got the greatshield meta memo.

  48. In 138 hours of playing this game, I’ve never once been summoned as a
    Darkmoon Blade, Blue Sentinel, or Wolf of Farron… And every single time
    I’m invaded, which works fine, the match up is laggy as fucking all hell.
    Slashes not even close to me “hitting” me… My pokes making a hit sound,
    showing blood on my end, but them not taking any damage… It’s all garbage
    and not fun at all. WTF?

  49. I realize the concept is rather tried and Jim Sterling is the master of not
    giving a flying fuck, but it may be in your best interest to post shit like
    this on an second channel. I’m cool with them being here, but not everyone

  50. the code of honor thing is for duels where you summon someone to fight,
    invasions have no rules.

  51. The biggest PvP mistake they made was removing the blue eye orb. I ran
    Blades of the Dark Moon in DS1 and Blue sentinels in DS2 so that I could
    troll the trolls so to speak. But even though both of them are in DS3,
    they’re bloody useless since I’ve never gotten summoned to assist other
    players and can’t go after invaders since they removed the Blue Eye Orb.
    It’s like they wanted to discourage blue phantom gameplay or something.

  52. Do more Jim Souls! O/

  53. Jim is becoming another one of the next high speed Dark Souls pvp’ers, join
    jblackmel and Yami Jim. ONE OF US ONE OF US

  54. I thought there was a 10 minute time limit on invasions?

  55. It’s not the PS4 that there is no code of honour, it’s the new kiddos who
    don’t have any manners and gank 4v1. :U

  56. I love the Dark Souls coverage, even though I was deeply turned off of the
    series by Dark Souls II. It’s just satisfying to watch someone play the
    game successfully, rather than watch myself repeatedly roll off of ledges
    and get curb-stomped by giant dudes in equally giant sets of gothic armor.
    Although, Jim seems to think that DS2 is the weakest of the series, so
    maybe I should try this one out before I swear the games off completely.
    I’ve spent sixty bucks on worse investments.

  57. Tiwaking “Tiwaking” Tiwaking

    Who is this fat man and why is he interrupting my enjoyment of the Dark
    Souls 3 footage?

  58. MforZorro | Movesets

    Thank god for selling out and seeming like a tool instead of someone with a
    valid independent opinion.

  59. Code of honor… So thats why they dont use flasks… Kinda feel like a
    dick, but then again, i am new to the game and invaders always have this
    fancy armor and spells on them, i dont think i stand a chance against it
    without heal up.

  60. do a lets play series

  61. Are you aware about the huge poise problem? The very first enemy with a
    small dagger can stagger a full havel+wolf ring+Yhorm’s Greatshield user.
    The part where you said you poised through was actually just hyper armor,
    apparently From just turned poise off entirely and never gave an
    explanation why and instead soft bans people who fiddle with it.

  62. Brenden MacIntosh

    Hey man I was wondering if you could suggest any other top notch game
    journalists/reviewers. You and Yathzee are basically the only ones I want
    to watch/read as of now.

  63. fuck you, Abdulaziz.

  64. I need more of these videos! Keep making em Jim!

  65. Jim, you need some seeds, they deal with the “hide behind the enemies” easy

  66. I was summoned to co-op the Abyss Watchers the other day, but the host
    hadn’t killed all the Ghrus and Darkwraiths before entering. Another player
    and I were summoned just as the intro cutscene for the boss fight started,
    and when it ended we were both dead. And then the host died just before I
    returned to my world.

    I just felt like sharing. It was pretty sad, but also kind of hilarious.

  67. Shane-o Games-o

    fuck the code of honour, it was only made up by a small group of the
    community who want everyone to play the game their way

  68. Honestly, if invaders are gonna hang around in the middle of mobs and
    refuse to fight, then I’m gonna hang out by the bonfire and summon a gank
    squad. Fuck ’em.

  69. Jim you are aware of the Seed of the Tree of Giant… right?

    Would have fixed the problem with the dumb bastard

  70. Do more.

  71. I have 2km worth of duck tape and I’m not afraid of using it on anyone who
    says g*t g*d

  72. What’s the point of invading if you just fucking run away

  73. nssallpowerfulonenss

    For those that have been having trouble with some of the covenants; the
    guardian covenants (Blade of the Darkmoon, blue sentinels) you get summoned
    to anywhere in the world, you don’t have to be in a pvp filled area. If you
    still have trouble the crucifixion woods is a really pvp heavy area.

  74. *States that PS4 Dark souls 3 has no honor*
    *Finds an honorable fight club and precedes to ruin it*

  75. i dont gank i dont chug and i play fair until the 2nd party says otherwise.
    duels are duels but if you gank/chug on me i will play hard.

  76. More more more encore

  77. Am I the only one who hates all the health focused builds in the game?

  78. One simple solution, make the invaders targets for the other enemies. It
    should have been like that from the start.

  79. 15:30 does magic usually suck to use in Souls games? I know it does in TES
    games and other WRPGs, for some reason.

  80. In my opinion it’s ok to heal in normal invasions. If you’re in an actual
    duel or a fight club is kind of annoying though.

  81. Well, I’d understand the “no healing” rule if it still had the same
    function as not having to batle for 1 hour, but imo, Estus Flasks are
    simply part of your build. The number and efficiency of them is just
    another data compared to your stats, the stats of your equipment and the
    weight you’re carrying. Taking time to be exposed and drink one is part of
    the timing game, exactly like you’d have to to cast spells and regain mana
    afterward, or exactly like the normal hits and dodges, the footwork. And it
    can become an endurance one if it takes longer than your average boss
    because of that (that’s simply another main skill with gaming skill and, as
    Jim said, psychology^^).

    But I understand those who won’t use it and I will always try to avoid it
    if the other one doesn’t 1 : use Estus ; 2 : pummel me in the first few
    seconds (gotta give a decent fight before falling^^).

  82. Streaky Haddock

    can you keep doing this please? I dont have dark souls but this PVP is

  83. Nevermind Zerone

    Git gud

  84. I was the host of embers in the segment that starts at 13:38. Thanks for
    the assist, Jim!

  85. I have worn the Dark Moon Blade covenant thing for two entire playthroughs
    and have never been summoned. The other day, while invading, I had to face
    two blue summons at the same time…. I hate From…

  86. Jim Sterling, the official channel for Dark Souls 3.

  87. Taco Bell add? Who monetized this?

  88. 6:30 The Sterling Stair Master!

  89. a max time you can be invading another players world would fix the problem,
    any fight more than 15min is dumb

  90. “You could not watch it.” As someone who has no interest in Dark Souls I
    tried very hard not to watch it. But the thought of having an unwatched Jim
    Sterling video was gnawing at the back of my mind. And here I am. D:

  91. Awesome video Jim! More Dark Souls 3 PvP please!

  92. The Drunk Knight

    “Felt bad. Actually not that bad. Felt pretty good. Felt brilliant.” -Jim
    Fucking Sterling Son, 2016

  93. DarkBlood Souls

    Duel = No heal
    Invasion = heal away

  94. Somehow a Taco Bell ad slipped through my ad block… At least it was only
    15 seconds.

  95. I dont think I’m the only one thinking this, but Jim, you need to just
    livestream or make a one hour video of just PvP or PvE at some point, i
    love putting these kinds of videos on as background noise, i’ve seen the
    Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth video like 6 times now.

  96. lets call this video “cowardly hard men (sometimes even with a beard)
    playing Dark Souls 3”


  97. I’d probably pvp more in Souls 3 if my internet connection wasn’t complete
    shite. >_<

  98. What a complete pussy

  99. Delaney Spradling

    I only Estus if the invader or host does first

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