Dad Tries to Play Pokemon GO

Dad tries to some of them “Pokey-mons.”


  1. Are any of you who live in Pittsburgh able to tell me anything about the
    filming of the show The Outsiders? My friend recently was picked to appear
    on the show in a fight scene and we know nothing about the show or where it
    is filmed so any information would be helpful. Pittsburg Dad should make
    an appearance on the show!

  2. The best line is the Transformers one, lol! BTW, we had to add “minutes” to
    our plan because of Pokeman!

  3. Holy hell, I laughed so hard when you said “This haas is clean.” :D

  4. ‘which bathrooms the transformers can use’ LOLOLOLOLOLLOL I LOVE YOU

  5. pakemon, pokemen, pokeman, pakemen hmmm

  6. Is he on Califorina or Kansas street

  7. Good one Pittsburgh dad!

  8. Colbee Hernandez

    priceless!! more videos please!!

  9. Domenic Vermillion

    one of the funniest things i have ever seen. These lines lol

  10. that’s what got Vick in trouble ??

  11. so freakin funny

  12. What’s the song at the end?

  13. Look at 0:08, when he goes “the hell is that?”, he’s about to crack up
    before the cut.

  14. Haha Transformers!!!

  15. if I had to guess, if he makes it to level 5 he’d pick the yellow team.
    because gold is sort of yellow lol

  16. your awesome!

  17. Jajajajaja

  18. Git inna haas.. lol

  19. “… then it was arguing about which bathrooms the Transformers can use…
    ” = dying laughing at work.

  20. Live Your Dreams

    Loved the Poltergeist reference “This house is clean”

  21. BlackAndGold 782

    I love how they cut to another scene when he mentioned the new school shoes


  23. Yinz better watch out for the reflections on the glass door :p

  24. Which bathroom the transformers use… Hahhaha

  25. This was one of the funniest videos that I have seen in awhile haha

  26. I had tears rolling down my face when he was walking around drinking a beer
    playing the game

  27. Ive been waiting for weeks for a new video! Thank god! so funny, you need
    to upload more often!

  28. People complain that gamers don’t go outside and exercise and all they do
    is sit on their ass all day. Now gamers are out doing something and PEOPLE
    STILL COMPLAIN! Ahh human beings…

  29. ?????????????????

  30. Nick&john Vlogs&Games


  31. Fellow Pittsburghers say aye!

  32. Yello

  33. This is just Gold
    -An Indian

  34. funny show thanks….

  35. How about Pittsburgh dad plays with toy trains.

  36. “…still smells like Arby’s in there”

    I LOVE IT!

  37. Brendan Fletcher

    Which bathrooms the transformers could use XDDD

  38. This brings me back to first and second grade. My school principal sent a
    letter home to parents requesting they do not allow their children to bring
    Pokemon cards or games to school. Almost 20 years later, I would not be
    surprised if they implemented a similar rule regarding this Pokemon Go game
    come back to school time.

  39. hahaha Michael Vick

  40. This is so true.All the grown ups that talk about Pokemon Go say Pokemans.

  41. @ Pittsburghdad when are u posting the Mr rogers episod

  42. Hah I took pics of mah tomatahs

  43. Damn I’m early

  44. M’kay

  45. thats gold right there

  46. Lol TRANSformers

  47. People wanted to use my yard to search for Pokémon so I’m charging $25 per
    trainer all those people that getting mad that people in their Yard are
    doing wrong ^7.+^


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