Cyborg Arena – This Is Adam Sandler’s Fault (Direct To Video)

Blame all on Pixels. All of it.


  1. Everything bad is Adam Sandlers fault.

  2. I love you and your videos are cool.

  3. So when are you gonna dance naked with sid alpha?

  4. so I have to see pixels again why Jim? WHY!

  5. Um…..Did Digital Homicide make this game?

  6. 3 minutes ago? Damn I’m late

  7. I guess Steam really is worse than ever.

  8. We need more Sterdust

  9. #WeWantSterdust

  10. DAMMIT, SANDLER. Are there no depths to your vileness?!?

  11. Where the fuck were you that you HAD to watch pixels, fucking Guantanamo bay?

  12. Damn that Adam Sandler, he’s such a *SKELETON WARRIOR*

  13. I was sure I’d heard of devdan on this channel before and I was right. This guy’s the guy behind The Alien Wasteland. No wonder this game is so very… whatever it is.

  14. I wonder if you’re supposed to find a key for that dune buggy and drive down that endless road and run over the cyborgs at the end. That would of course render the game a 10/10, no question.

  15. I want it to be known

    This is a carbon copy of an old game by the same developer. Jim actually played it on here before, it was Alien Wasteland. The one he won by holding down the ‘1’ button to spawn infinite gas cans. Ironically enough, that’s where the Gas Station map is from.

  16. Wasn’t DevDan the developer of Alien Wasteland, the “Ride to Hell Retribution” style game where you could put infite gas cans in your car and just leave?

    Also, wasn’t DevDan later revealed to be Digital Homicide?

    Daddy’s back, bitches.

  17. Cala Maria Wants To Blow You!

    Betty Boop is canonically Jewish.

  18. I thought you had to be a choir boy to harvest bishop milk

  19. “…they’re still fully depressed. As am I at this stage of the game.” 😉 As always, thank you for doing your best to absorb, contain and keep at bay the evil. I don’t want this to go to your head, but, Jim, you are indeed the Jesus Christ of video games; taking upon yourself the sins of so-called “developers” so that we, the huddled grovelling masses of minnows, may yet be set free. May we someday forever enjoy “gud” video games while basking in your glory for all eternity. Amen. 🙂

  20. Being force to watch Adam Sandler movies had been proven to be much more effective than waterboarding, you’ll tell anyone anything just to make it stop.
    “How does he continue to get work?! ”
    is the only defense mechanism your brain will continue to repeat as your mental sanity and years of structured intelligence begans to just fall apart like ice cream in a microwave, on low heat settings. IT TIME TO STOP

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