Cuphead: The Fake Outrage

it is a heavy heart that i must announce that the are at it again

Content warning: mega-racist cartoons.


  1. This is the Cuphead of YouTube channels.

  2. I love being a gamer and simultaneously thinking that games journalists are smart enough to mastermind an elaborate SJW conspiracy to censor all game tiddys but also too dumb to play a game well.

  3. Just watched the new Contra vid, then this uploaded. I’m in SJW heaven

  4. Shaun Hbomb and Contra?! It’s too much, it’s all too much

  5. Anti-SJWS whining about imaginary/minor SJWS whining. Cheesus Crust!

  6. ‘They’ don’t like it. You know, ‘them’. Every paranoid schizophrenic needs a ‘them.’

  7. why do these people always “rant”, why are they so angry all the time. and what do people get out of subscribing to someone whos entire joke is “screams at camera very loud”

  8. The rap critic said that the dice are supposed show that black People arent able to handle money and that they are responsible for their economical status.

  9. BadMouseProductions

    That Dragon tho…

  10. To be honest, the people saying that the developers are disrespectful because they didn’t address the “origins” of their art style were pretty unreasonable. Criticisms like that are pretty worthless.

  11. yes, I say

  12. I cringe thinking how I used to eat this Anti-sjw nonsense all the time. Ich.

  13. Gamers are one of worst demographics.

  14. The anti-PC/SJW crowd is on high alert 24/7 for literally ANYTHING they can find to start a crusade against. The prime example being, of course, the all-female Ghostbusters remake. It wasn’t enough to just say that it was a shitty reboot (which it was, which 90% of reboots are). Instead it was a catalyst and sign that feminist social justice activism was destroying the “legacy” of Ghostbusters (as if one good movie, one shitty one, and a above-average Saturday morning cartoon show constitutes a “legacy”) and also the entirety of Western society. It’s why even a SINGLE example of gay or transgender characters in ANY video game sends them into apoplectic fits. Of course, on the opposite end of that, when Bethesda turns their absurdity around on them for their marketing campaign for Wolfenstein 2, they also lose their shit. The exact same people who say “fuck your feelings” are in fact the very first people who start bitching and moaning when the tables get turned.

    The fact is, the people who adhere to this new cult-like ideology are the worst people you can run across, but the GOOD thing is you will never run across them in real life. All of them are cowards who would never have the balls to express the same views they spew online in person.

  15. I can definitely understand that the art style has some troublesome history associated with it. I really can’t say whether or not the game developers are racist, and I don’t want to throw that word around so easily but I don’t see any harm in discussing those troublesome themes associated with the art style. Just as long as no one is calling the game developers racist for it(If racism wasn’t their intention.)

  16. Thank you so much for making this. The amount of “discourse” about Cuphead’s alleged hate brigade was obnoxious to paddle through when looking for any sort of in-depth analysis/review of the game. Then again, that’s all you really need to do to get people riled up these days – yell about how SJW’s are ruining Muh Vidya, show a few shoddily-written irrelevant articles and make a mountain out of a molehill.

  17. Funny how he (AlphaOmegaSin) complains and mocks made-up SJWs who complain about racism on Cuphead, when he himself literally and legitimately complains about “racism against whites”.

  18. I swear I see more comments on the internet about what the other side _probably think_ than I do from people actually saying what they _do_ think, and this is coming from both sides.

  19. These people.
    These people!
    These people?
    These. People.
    T.H.E.S.E. P.E.O.P.L.E.

  20. You spend 30 minutes complaining about people hyperbolizing things, taking them out of context and just making up arguments that no one made.

    Then you end your videos with “Gamers are saying that Dean Takahashi should be fired!”. Which no one actually said.

    Good job.

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