CS:GO Rewind 2017

Jack Bennethq
Mark Ayy

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  1. *I wanna thank you for an amazing year, for watching my videos and letting me do what I love the most, a lot has changed in one year. When I made 2016 Rewind I said I’m not gonna be able to top it, now I’ll say I won’t be able to top this one. You guys helped me to improve video quality and made my 100k subs dream come true. THANK YOU <3*
    *-Fragmovie guy*

  2. Well edited video man!

  3. This is way better than from that guy ‘EZ Studios’, gj man!

  4. What a year. Thanks for your amazing content and this BADASS video, Vital! <3

  5. Damn those last couple minutes kinda brought a tear to my eye. Insane to see how big this game has gotten in 2017, I can’t even imagine what is next for 2018.

  6. As good as always my dude.

  7. I actually cried a little bit. Great video

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again on these videos. Behind all the toxicity and assholes in our community (well more the gaming community in general) the counter strike scene really is a beautiful thing to see. Your videos always gives me goosebumps. Love em to death

  9. to be honest … amazing , the memories goes a wild ! I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THIS <3

  10. What a fucking beautiful video dude. Absolutley amazing, makes me proud to be playing this game.

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    Insane year 😀
    well done video ?

  12. Thanks for all the content you brought to this community!

  13. All i see is negative comments about this game…but they never look at the commuty. We all have seen how bad this game can be but this video shows us how the community can be. Thank you for this video.

  14. top tier content as always, ty so much for the effort you put on this videos! (: greetings from Argentina

  15. This video is fucking amazing. All the memories came back and it was so good to remember all of them. Thank you for making this a thing.

  16. This made me tear up with some of the moments. I love you vital <3 😀 you're getting better and better at these videos and I can't get enough.

  17. Amazing video! U can see u put your whole heart in this one. Good fucking job!

  18. I have been in the csgo community since the start and 2017 has been one if not the biggest year for the game, e-sport and community and i hope to spent countless more years playing and enjoying the events. Thank you for vital for making this video and lets hope 2018 will be another great year.

  19. suicide hotline -anomaly-

    this also brought me into tears like 2016 rewing i will watch dis again and againg over time and i will remeber thease greate moments ty vital for doing this for the hole comminty much love

  20. The steelega happyness when they became legends, its fucking unpayable. Tears of emotion all over the place. Great video! Greetings from Brazil

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