CS:GO Rewind 2016

blink-182 – First Date
Green Day – Nuclear Family
Green Day – Wake Me When Ends
Green Day – Still Breathing
Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia

Other credits: (if you wanna know the source of any clip leave a comment and IR;ll try to add link to it)


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  2. I was here before it got viral.

  3. 1:20 why??

  4. Greatest video I’ve seen all year!

  5. where can I find the full game where Jeff teasers the opponent? =D

  6. Y U NO HAVE 100K SUBS?!!?

  7. So you are a green day fan, arent you?

  8. Why NiP’s winning moment is so short and not even showing them holding
    trophy? :(

  9. That kid made me smile so much knowing he is probably better than the most
    of my friends

  10. u should make a facebook fanpage aswell :)

  11. why do I feel like every other song used HAS to be green day. lol

  12. Can you teach me how to edit like you do that is amazing insane man, also
    what do you use sony or adobe? for editing and again amazing work man your
    stuff is awesome!!

  13. your late

  14. This was amazing

  15. everytime i see that snax pistol 1v4… the reaction of pasha and neo…
    fucking gold..

  16. hehehehehehehehz

  17. 5:08 xDDDDDDDDDDDDD They suck dick. They should disband.

  18. No notification :/

  19. I’m not sad that I didn’t see s1mple’s fake flash with an AWP, I’m just

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